Sunday, August 07, 2005

greetings all! its nice to be home from war! how soon we forget, however, the others who are still there or going there (we've been home from iraq for over a year now but it seems like only yesterday we were standing in the hot sun or riding along on really bumpy roads). now that i'm home from baghdad i try not to become too upset at the politics i see going on around me. the "chicken hawks" in politics upset me the most. they preach war (and vote republican LOL) but they wont enlist in the armed forces. many have never served in the armed forces and others dont even know anyone serving in the armed forces.my point is, why do we (the soldiers) have to feel alone in this war against terror? why dont those republican chicken hawks swell the ranks of our patriot warriors? anyway, here in this "red state" the armed forces are having a tough time recruiting and im still not sure why. i dont think its just the iraq war that keeps people away. its always been tough to recruit people for the armed forces here and that may be the case long after the war in iraq ends. most of the people i knew overseas were serving in the military from a sense of duty after 9-11, regardless of politics. for example, many of the people i deployed with thought the WMD issue was bullshit but still felt a duty and obligation to get rid of a real evil, saddam hussein. well, no rambling on and on for me, (ill save that for my next post; "the republicans are trying to trash the USA" (and they are stealing your hard earned money!)...

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