Tuesday, August 23, 2005

greetings all,...im no longer in iraq but i cant help comment from time to time when news surfaces from the middle east. people still visit this site from time to time so maybe additional insight from an old soldier might help them learn more about the war (and i can rant about how evil republicans are,..) ive always supported the war in iraq, despite being lied to about the reason for war (why lie? saddam alone was enough of a reason to go into iraq) my gripe is the way the war is being waged (thats just the infantry in me:complain,compain,complain:waaaa!LOL) not enough troops,disband the only local army in iraq,get little or no support from the rest of the world, lie about everything and anything in iraq (ie,WMD) the list goes on and on but the big problem in iraq is the iraq constitution. our founding fathers (my ancestors and good christians all of them) had the good sense to separate church and state. would you want pat robertson and jerry falwell running our government? i think not (remember that few religions elect their leaders so a state church would not work in a true democracy) it is no different in iraq. women in iraq dont want the "koran thumpers" telling them what they can wear and not wear. they were" more free" under saddam so why support a constitution that is based on religious text? like oil and water religion and government dont mix (everybody here has a different view concerning the bible,for example) the solution for my nation is to elect democratic leaders to clean up the mess the republicans are creating here and in iraq. i hope that iraq may some adapt the same noble goals,...

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