Tuesday, August 30, 2005

greetings from another hillbilly red state,...a small victory for good christian patriots everywhere! the u.s. air force academy has finely put the breaks on the bible thumpers "out thar." the people effected are evil evangelistic christians employed by the academy, who have been tormenting and harrasing any cadets who dont see things "thier way." its not an issue about free speech, its an issue about discrimination. good christians like me and others, dont want to be condemned to hell simply because we dont belong to a certain church. we dont like being told that we are communists and baby killers simply because we vote democrat (or republican). anyway, the bible thumpers had their way for years at the academy, preaching their evil desire to control people everywhere. the complaints mounted and mounted until finally the issue had to be addressed. simply put, we are under attack here in the united states as well as overseas. the enemy is the christian right wing (and the islamic right wing overseas). both do not like the freedoms we have and will stop at nothing to force their agenda on good people everywhere. i have issues with these people. they dont want elected officials, they want church leaders to run governments (and they call us communists LOL!). whats all this have to do with iraq?, a lot! the poor people of iraq have no freedoms with the new constitution. they are surrounded by "koran thumpers" and will have no say in thier new government...,craiger...

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