Monday, August 29, 2005

the iraq constitution is doomed to complete failure. the reason is simple: there is no seperation of church and state. people should also know that many religious christians here in the united states want the same type of government that they have in many nations in the middle east. there is little difference between terrorist muslims and people like pat robertson. both want their type of religious rule and many christians here believe democracy is an evil. they even call democrats here in america un-american and tie democrats to the terrorists in the middle-east. they(bible thumpers) want to change the role of the supreme court(how dare the supreme court protect the rights of the non-religious?) the new terrorists here in america(right-wing religious groups) want rule by the bible, not the constitution. people like eric rudolf will kill and bomb in the name of our god. they want to change the constitution so that religious leaders can run our nation. radical muslims want the same thing in iraq and iran. they want to control things like what women wear, for example, and they dont believe in free speech. our founding fathers had a very sound reason for excluding religion from government, they were tired of people killing other people in the name of god and they wanted a government run by people("we the people"), not a church or religion. im almost finished with my rantLOL! the point is, i didnt travel half way around the world to fight terrorists just to learn they are right here in my own back yard. make no mistake about it, people like pat robertson and jerry falwell are the new terrorists and the best way to defeat them in a democracy like ours is to not vote for the people they support. i only wish the poor secular iraqis could do the same in thier nation. democracy is dead in the muslim middle east. dont let that happen here (ie, vote you slugs!...LOL!)...craiger

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