Thursday, September 15, 2005

another small victory for kind, good and reasonable people everywhere. a federal court has ruled against allowing "under god" in our pledge of allegiance. why is this a good thing? bible thumpers cant get it through their heads that the constitution makes clear our seperation of church and state. thats the problem in iraq now. muslim bible thumpers want power and a democratic iraq would limit their power. this bothers me. bible thumpers dont like democracy because they would have a hard time getting their evil leaders elected to any office, anywhere in the world. people here should know that "under god" and the "in god we trust" was placed on our currency in the 1950 s in responce to the threat of communism (many communists are godless). our founding fathers did not place those words on our currency even though they were all god fearing christians. now that we know communism is not a threat to our way of life we no longer need these words to protect us. seperation of church and state is so important to our democracy that we must strike these words from the pledge and our currency. this great nation is a democracy (not a religious state) and christians (or muslims) have no claim to this great nation (we will elect our leaders, thank you kindly). the evil bible thumpers are worse than communists and we cannot allow them to take control of a nation when they are not elected to office. its that simple. i feel sorry for iraq. the iraq constitution makes it clear that iraq will be a muslim nation, nothing less. remember, pat robertson claims to hate these muslim terrorists overseas but he thinks the same way they do (ie, rule by god, not man). the solution here in the u.s.a. is to get everyone to vote and remove any chance these crazy people have to siezing control of our government. its too late to help iraq but we can still vote in our own nation and we need to vote the church out (any church),...god bless our great nation and death to the terrorist who threaten it.

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