Saturday, September 17, 2005

greetings all! its a double blog day for me, i guess (i like to keep my journal entries short, nothing worse than a rambling rant). first, i would just like the few people who do read this to know im no left-wing godless commie. im a hawk and a capitalist but i have a hard time watching politics go the direction they are going, down the toilet. second, im an "online opinion author" im not a reporter or journalist. the reporters get the facts, i just comment on them. people should judge the issues for themselves. my wife started this blog when i was still serving with special operations in iraq because we felt it was important for others to share in what was going on at the time. its not often you can read other peoples mail so if what was said was of intrest, why not post it? i think some day the internet will change the world, for the better (thank the military and people like al gore! really!). i was limited on what i could say about what i was doing because of the importance of our missions but i found there was still a lot to talk about. if we were restricted in any way from getting e-mails out it was because of time, not censorship. at one point i was tied up with check-point duty for days (3rd ID was moving into our area) and my plt. sgt., a republican, came out to replace me for a few hours so i could get an e-mail out. i tried set the standard in our unit on what could be said (and not said) so people came to me to ask what we could write home about. anyway, the point is we have the gift of free speech as americans and not many people (on either side of many issues) want to tramp on that. so the blogs go on. i guess im with the majority of americans now concerning the war in iraq. i was okay with going at first because saddam was evil and the area is just too important for america to ignore (clinton built the army and bases bush needed to invade iraq). now we have an obligation to see it through (despite the lies that got us there). but our genius civilian leadership dropped the ball in iraq and the u.s. taxpayer (not the wealthy taxpayer) gets stuck holding the bag. not only have they dropped the ball in iraq, they risk wrecking our great military (and they thought clinton wanted to cut the military, LOL!) and leaving america vulnerable to attack (natural or terrorist) to boot. well, lets get this" vote" thing straight next time!

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