Wednesday, September 14, 2005

greetings all! its with great pain that i watch events unfold in iraq. ive always said the iraq constitution is a worthless piece of paper. i feel so sorry for almost all iraq because they live in hell (thanks to people there who think the world is flat). most of the people here in the u.s.a. dont seem to know that the same evil that pushes the koran in iraq is at work in the u.s.a. pushing the bible. pat robertson is a terrorist leader and a sinner. if he lived and broadcasted his hatred in england he would be deported. these people (on both sides of the sea) dont want democracy, they want church leaders to run things. thats unacceptable in america. we need to vote for our leaders, not let a church appoint them. the religious right wants to overturn rowe vs. wade so they can restrict the rights of women. do you think muslim nations allow abortions? think again. i cant picture jesus hating homosexuals, not the way these bible thumpers hate homosexuals. hell, whats their beef anyway? their churches are filled with faggots (well,closet faggots). anyway, so many of the iraqi people i knew when i was in iraq said they liked the idea of saddam being ousted but they feared the power vacuum that would follow. unlike the u.s.a., they have no constitution to protect them from the" koran thumpers". the religious sects in iraq are now fighting over power, just as predicted. they cant wait to cover thier women in religious garb, outlaw the media and kill those who dont follow their leaders. hells bells, at least the bible thumpers here know that the world isnt flat. you think im kidding but there are a lot of muslims in iraq who think the world is flat. have faith! science and reality may keep these evil people at bay. the bible thumpers dont like science. they tried to stop the invention of the telescope and the printing press but we still have these things today. as a secular capitalist i know science gives myself and other people a fighting chance againts the forces of evil. our smart bombs and other technology can find these creeps where they hide. sitting way off-shore we can blast these people to hell and back (thank god for science and technology). here in the good ole u.s. we have a constitution and can vote to protect ourselves from the "religious zealots" god bless the u.s.a.!

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