Monday, September 05, 2005

greetings all! no doubt everyone has heard about the storm katrina. it is not baghdad and there is no way to compare baghdad with what came ashore in new orleans and other areas of the u.s. golf coast. everyone seems to blame the horrors of this storm on everyone else. ive heard both clinton and bush are at fault. bush is at fualt because he supports global warming and clinton is at fault because he is clinton. ive heard the poor are at fault because they live there and the wealthy are at fault because they build things there. i dont think a storm knows who lives where or who owns what when it comes ashore. the bottom line is we dropped the ball on this one and it proves we should do more as a nation to protect our sick, weak and poor. you dont have to be an evil god-less communist to support the poor, just try thinking of what jesus would do for example. i object to the claims of pat robertson and others that the people got what they deserved for being sinners. is everyone who lives on the gulf coast a sinner? it seems now that people care more about money than the poor. the proof is in the pudding. nothing was done to help many people who were hurt by the storm and we know that as fact now. it does remind me of baghdad in that so many poor and sick have no help and there is no way any amount of support will help them once the damage has been done. there just arent enough soldiers and bottled water to go around. this is typical of the republican mindset in our nation now. penny wise and pound foolish. the republicans are clueless as to what is really needed to run a great nation. they advocate tax cuts for the rich and cut aid to the poor. they are letting the wealthy rape this nation. we cant run them out of our churches and temples but we can tax the evil money tenders so we can feed our poor and keep our nation strong. anyone can see how the great republican "trickle down theory" works now (it just trickled down on new orleans). we can only hope america will wake up and elect real leaders and we can only hope the same for iraq,...craiger,...

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