Saturday, September 17, 2005

greetings fellow warriors! remember; "old soldiers dont die, they just fade away" if people still happen upon this blog they should know this is just a place for me to rant against the evil-doers (and republicans) in this world until i just fade away, nothing more and nothing less. we know who a lot of the real evil-doers are in this world so lets keep the light on them. why not? is this not america? duhhh!? if other people cant see the monsters, thats thier problem, sort of (remember that you dont have to out run the monster, just out run other people). anyway, everyone should read an interesting article (i think they call them"op-eds") by paul roberts concerning the current white house administration. im not sure what a jacobin coup is but i know many republicans are very much like the nazis we encountered decades ago. that should scare people but it does not seem to bother people in america much. the monsters wave the flag and thump on the bible to better confuse and startle thier victims so many people may be unaware. people should know that this current administration in america is not unlike the past nixon adminstration in that they are not above criminal acts to achieve their goals. unlike nixon, however, these current evil-doers answer to no one (and they know it!). the evil ones are robbing the "cookie jar" of america as we watch and when we complain they point to the sky and say things like;" its gods will" or "we eat the cookies here so we dont have to eat them at home". its pure crappola folks! vote these robber barons and bible thumpers out of office or sit back and watch america become a third world country right befor your eyes! we are watching the current adminstration run this great nation right into the ground. remember, this administration is no friend of the veteran. even in time of war they insist on cuts for the veterans. if you are a veteran and you vote republican, you suck! these people want to get rid of social security. know why? they want to raid the social security surplus and give the money away to their wealthy friends (those bastards! hands off our social security!) well, that ends my rant for today. its too bad, too late for iraq. i will save that rant for later,...

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