Thursday, September 08, 2005

greetings good people everywhere! we know who the bad people are in this nation. they are wealthy pseudo-pious republicans. these people are not a majority, so for gods sake lets take back our nation from these hate mongers. vote! you slugs! anyway, the storm katrina proves the republicans are talking out of their assholes when they say they can protect or help us in time of need ( tax breaks for the rich is the republican answer to everything). if the storm proves one thing it shows how inept our current republican leadership is. they cant protect anyone from anything, they just take our money and claim to protect us. yes, they take our money (thats tax cuts for the rich, not you and me). the only defense the republicans have is to attack thier critics and it seems to work, goddamn that karl rove LOL! lets stop these criminals by not voting republican (remember, republicans want to do away with social security and cut programs for the poor). anyway, my rant today concerns the american legion. they are in bed with the republicans so i urge all fellow veterans not to support this organisation. they do not support us. (the republicans dont support veterans, they cut out our va benifits every chance they get). the american legion has condemed the opposition to the war. thats stupid. since when did it become illegal to protest the government in this nation? ive always supported our war on terror but ill ask every veteran i served with in iraq not to join the american legion (join the VFW if you want to join a veterans group, they cater more to us infantry types, anyway). well, my rant ends here. my heart goes out to the poor stuck in the gulf states. i always worry about people i know who are still in iraq so my prayers always go out to them, good luck all,...craiger

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