Sunday, October 23, 2005

greetings old soldiers, greetings from the heartland! ive let this blog get away from me over the past year or two because this blog wasnt started simply to rant and rave about evil rich republicans and thier bible thumping hillbilly followers. in the early days of the iraq war we just wanted to blog our e-mails to give people an understanding of what life might be like for an infantry soldier in baghdad, a window of sorts. i told myself i would not forget iraq and that i would continue to blog, advocating shorter tours and remembering those who served thier nation. but i consider myself a liberal hawk and im a big fan of the u.s. constitution so its only natural that i take an interest in the politics of iraq and put in my two cents. the iraq constitution is a waste of paper, by the way. i dont have a solution for the war in iraq. ive always felt mistakes were made. i wrote home about such matters and its in alot of my e-mails that were posted for all to see. whatever, we cant leave iraq now. one of our big mistakes was letting the terrorists into iraq in the first place so now we must stay and deal with them or they will overun iraq. to compound the problem we excluded alot of nations, peoples and other groups from being a part of the iraq mission so we are further isolated in our goal for a democratic iraq. well, my future blogs will be more basic in that i need to share what i learned in iraq with others who may have to serve there or know someone who serves there. for someone stuck in iraq there are more important things to worry about. for example people need to know things like where to get a free phone card or what you can and cant mail. you can send booze, tobacco and porno overseas but you need to know how (ie, you must list such items so a postmaster knows what a package or letter contains,etc). people ask me about iraq and alot of thier questions include things that deal with creature comforts (like mail) as opposed to questions like "why is there war?" well, in the future i will try to blog more real life and other people can figure out what to do about politics, war and such. im still good for a rant or two, dont get me wrong, LOL!

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