Saturday, October 08, 2005

its interesting that bush now claims our enemies are extremist muslims. my guess is that he has avoided those words until now because so many of his supporters are religious extremists. they are not muslims but they hold many of the same views. i dont see much difference between pat robertson and bin ladin, for example. they advocate the same shit. both want rule by the bible (or koran) and do not support any constitution written by men. they seem to forget that thier holy books were written by men (really ignorant men who thought the world is/was flat, for example). both men advocate killing those who dont follow thier agenda. hells-bells, they preach killing world leaders in their sermons on national tv and the web videos. pat robertson called for the asassination of chavez on his broadcast, how is that differant than the rantings of bin laden and his ilk on video distributed everywhere in the world? drug addicts and chicken hawk pervs like rush and o'reilly add to the religious sabor rattling. the bottom line is that our war on terror is comprimised by bible thumpers and right-wing conservatives who we cant even tell apart from our real enemies. we need help on the war against terror but i cant help but to think that we could use a little less help from these awful people. we fouled up iraq from the start. most of america wanted saddam removed and we do have an interest in the region so most supported the war, but i thought it could have been handled so much better. i lost hope when we arrived in baghdad and learned that the local guard had been disbanded. what the @!$&!? who is going to stand guard duty here? me!? we did our part! why cant the iraqis do something? i was told by locals that most people went home to watch the invasion on cnn and never returned to thier posts. im still pissed about that. now the very enemy who knocked our buildings down and declared war on good people everywhere is running amok in iraq, the very area we sought to secure. now we are stuck in iraq (no, we cant leave, you crazy liberals). we need to see this thing out right or wrong and get on with the war on terror. anyway, maybe im getting too old for soldier work so i can only hope others will step up and serve in the war against terror. if we all vote democrat we might just have a fighting chance...

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