Tuesday, November 22, 2005

greetings all! the people in kansas think the world is flat! i thought this was a joke at first but i now know its true. yes! its hard to believe but just ask the people who live there. they will also tell you the earth was created in seven days (or six, whatever,...) anyway, i just cant believe the chicken hawk republican conservatives are still sticking to thier old talking points. as a veteran of almost three decades it makes me most angry when the chicken hawks profit from those in the service of the military. chicken hawks making money on the backs of the military and american taxpayers is just "wrong". limbaughs newsletter to the troops is a good example. send money to rush and troops will get his subscription. give me a break! are these letters bullet proof? this guy supports the troops? republicans dont support the troops! how hard is that to understand? if you dont believe me just look at the budget cuts proposed by the republican house and senate. tax cuts to the rich (many getting fat on the iraq war and high energy prices) and budget cuts to veterans. they are even taking school lunches from school children. nevermind that the "neo-cons" oversold the war (or just lied outright) and are being indicted left and right for criminal acts, they dont represent the real america. just look at them. do veterans of the military swell thier ranks? i dont think so. when a real war veteran like rep. murtha stands up and confronts these people they call him a coward. is that all they have? doesnt it strike people as odd that none of the neo-cons or right wing republican talking heads are combat war vetrerans? talking heads like o'reilly and pat robertson are calling for the destruction of cities and towns in america. these are our patriots? i will always encourage other veterans to vote for the party that would be the best for america. its that simple. the choice may not be real good but you vote because it is a right and duty. even if only one name appears on the ballet you should still vote. it tells everyone that you will vote, it matters. remember too, they work for us and if we dont review them, hire and fire them, we could be just as guilty for thier sins. well, may you all be safe in your travels and happy thanksgiving,...

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