Sunday, November 20, 2005

it has been unfortunate that so many people have died in iraq the past few days. ive always supported the war effort in iraq and afghanistan but since rep. murtha has come out against the war i may have second thoughts. it didnt have to be this way. the current administration didnt want to listen to reason in the past and it sure shows now. they didnt send enough troops to begin with and they still dont have enough troops. after i deployed to iraq i could see we needed more troops. its no fun for soldiers when we are stretched thin. its dangerous. i was on checkpoint duty late one night with another soldier and only 350 rounds of M-4 ammo between us when bush gave his "bring it on speech". it just shows how out of touch these people are, they are clueless. soldiers suck up the duty because thats what they do but we tie their hands when we refuse to send help or establish a clear goal for them to work towards. its no wonder people like rep. murtha and others are getting pissy, the mistakes concerning the iraq war (and the war on terror in general) go on and on. we disbanded the republican guard, for example. sent them home without pay. thats a nice way to treat real soldiers. we'll win lots of friends that way. now we have extra duty and terrorists, wow...go figure. i blame republicans for the mess in iraq. murtha blames republicans. god must certainly blame republicans. its obvious republicans are no friend of the soldier or veteran. they wave the flag and thump the bible but they have one hand in the nations cookie jar. this is a party that gives tax breaks to the rich but wants to cut benefits for food stamps and military veterans. this is a political party that condones torture. can you imagine? (we might want to reconsider that policy if any of our military go missing in iraq). these chicken hawk republicans call murtha a coward? where were they during all these wars? the chicken hawks pound the war drum but turn and run from the real battle like the real cowards they are. they make speeches on veterans day, like its thier day. says who!? bush doesnt care about veterans, thats obvious to the most casual observer. well, happy thanksgiving republicans (i hope you choke on it!)

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