Saturday, November 05, 2005

its a shame that the iraq war policy by our current white house administration condones torture and other human rights violations. every service member on the ground anywhere overseas should be alarmed. what this means to the average grunt on the ground is very simple. if you are captured by terrorists or other combatants you will most likey "not" recieve your red cross package in a timely manner. its also a matter of leadership. if our leadership continues to do these horrible things to other people, doesnt that make them just as bad as the people they abuse? i mean, just who is the enemy if everyone is a terrorist and a thug? the idea of secret camps and the current SOP for torture should scare everyone, seeing how it is a radical departure from previous US policy and it smacks of gulogs and deathcamps of past conflicts. i always thought that as americans we were better than that. we should protect the rights of all people, all over the world. some people will always insist that torture save lives. maybe so, but it is a short-sighted goal because victory means leading by example (again, who are the bad guys here anyway?) it could also be obvious to the average person that just maybe, our fearless leaders might not know how to run a war in the first place. duhh! remember, we have a great military but civilians are running our military now and its just possible they are running it right into the ground. odd, its always been the democrats and liberals who are targeted for running the military down. just for your information, bush went to war with clintons army (a damned good one to boot!) anyway, we can help our troops overseas by voting democrat here in the states (even if some of those democrats appear to be kooky liberalsLOL!) it can send a strong message to the robber barons(neo-conservatives) and bible thumpers(religious far-right) if people will turn out to vote. remember that these evil people support the torture and abuse of human beings and that real partriots and real people of god would never condone what this adminstration is doing concerning the handling of human rights. it is important we remember past events "those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it" somebody important said that,...

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