Thursday, November 10, 2005

our leaders are liars and cheats. im not talking about the military, im talking about the civilians who run the military. they dont care about soldiers or veterans and thier actions prove that. who approves of torture anyway? not the soldier on the ground. chickenhawks want torture (odd, its always the person who does not go to war that beats the war drum the loudest) the republicans are also cutting veterans benifits for those who served in iraq and other wars. whats with that? what kind of leaders give tax cuts to the wealthiest americans, spend 6 billion a day on a war they dont know how to manage and then tell americans 32 million in cuts to poor will solve our problems. republicans suck! these people are not only stupid, they are just plain evil. first of all the tax cuts no longer trickle down to the poor. big corporations are taking thier money overseas. they are robbing us blind, with the blessing of the republican leadership. if people really want low taxes, they will vote these creeps right out of office. second, this administrations foreign policy is a joke. its just not the terrorists who hate us now, its half the world. that might not bother the cowardly right wing chickenhawks now but in the future when world problems surface we will need all the help of all nations we can get. our leadership also approves of amending the US constitution to further blurr the line of seperation of church and state. our founding fathers made it clear in the constitution and bill of rights that seperation of church and state are important in a free, democratic nation (i dont like the idea of religion in politics, its not democracy). wake up america! we live in a democracy. dont let bush and his followers turn the US into a religious nazi-type state. vote these bums out! i would like to apoligize to the rest of the world for the actions of our lousy leaders. not everyone who lives here is a nazi bible thumper! if the world gives us just a little time, we will elect leaders who can do the job right. america means well, its just that we need to pour the snake oil on the ground and get on with being a real leader in the world,...

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