Sunday, January 22, 2006

greetings to old soldiers everywhere! remember, "old soldiers dont die, they just fade away." i swore when i returned from iraq i wouldnt forget those still serving but in a lot of ways i have. most of the people i knew overseas are now at home and getting along with thier lives. thats just the reality of war, i guess. i feel that i can best support the troops by encouraging everyone i know here at home to vote and to vote republicans out of office. some of my republican friends have no idea that thier party (the bush administration) advocates cuts to the veterans administration. many republicans now claim veterans benefits are welfare. thats sad. this from a party that wont send its sons and daughters to war. go figure that. the party line in washington is that they can do what they want, the ends justify the means, blah,blah,blah. well, i happen to think the democrats can do a better job at running the war and the country. i could never support a political party that gives tax breaks to the rich and cuts benefits to the poor. im no communist but that policy strikes me as evil. i have to admit the republicans are good at selling thier snake oil. they have the masses in my "red state" believing that if you give rich people money the rich people will make you wealthy. if you believe that, ive got an air-conditioned palace in baghdad i want to sell youLOL! the bush administration is no friend of the veteran or the capitalist. they are robber barons. they have people like tim mcclain working to repeal veterans rights and to do away with veterans affairs, altogether. rep steve buyer(in) wants to outsource VA hospital care, for example. true business leaders and capitalists should take note. republican policy doesnt support a good "future" business enviroment. its all about now. the federal deficit is sky-rocketing out of control. oil prices at record highs. who cares about pensions, clean lakes and streams, safe mines or cheap crap from overseas? republicans do seem smart, however. they blame all thier problems on the democrats and that tactic does seem to work. when i talk politics to republicans they just point to the democrats," its all thier fualt". maybe the republicans are not smart, the democrats are just real stupid,LOL? well, my rant complete i retire to my quarters for a spot of tea(or an urn of coffeeLOL!),...

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