Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year! except for republicans, they are evil and i hope they have a horrible year! they passed the health and human services bill before they left town for the holidays. now we know they are evil. who takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich at christmas time? we know who,...republicans! people who voted republican are not just evil, they are stupid as well. if you give a wealthy person money does that mean you get money in return? only if you invest in a business can you recieve money in return. who ever heard of investing in wealthy people? maybe im the stupid one. i have a business degree and i dont understand how that works. people should also know that only 7 per cent of the tax cuts go to people who make 50,000 dollars or less. and people vote republican? anyway, it wont be a good year in iraq. it looks like iraq is going to become a religious state if you consider the last elections. as if we dont have enough problems with terrorists today we're going to make more terrorists (there seems to be a pattern here, throughout history). most of the people i knew in baghdad were either christian or secular muslim and they will be screwed (especially women) by this new religious government. its a shame because they are good people and the most like americans when it comes to everyday living, yet we allow religious fanatics to rule thier day. of course, we have our own problems here in america. there are religious people here who want a religious state in america as well. people like jerry falwell and pat robertson are seeking to change our constitution and do just that but they are not in a majority as in iraq and other places (thank god for small favours,LOL!). i supported the war in afghanistan and iraq because the world has an intrest in that region but its hard to watch screw up after screw up and not voice an opinion. unfortunately, my prediction this year for iraq will be glum and i predict things will not change much for iraq. we just didnt invest enough, soon enough. good luck to everyone (even republicans) overseas and here at home. lets not forget the people who served in war or who are now serving,...

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