Saturday, January 07, 2006

seasons greetings and a happy new year to all good people! i cant help but to rant and rave from time to time but this year i will try to focus on the real evil of this world as it is the duty of all of those who blog from time to time to rant against evil. ive always said that people like pat robertson, jerry falwell and rush limbaugh are of the same cut as the muslim terrorists we are at war with. just listen to what they say. they are the same. for example, abortion is only illegal in radical muslim nations. duhh! people who want to make abortion illegal are terrorists. its that simple. there is a new word for these people and it is important that these evil people be framed in this light. people like bin laden and pat robertson are "flat-worlders." you could take them up in a spaceship and show them the planet earth but they will still tell you it is flat. here is the real enemy america, make no mistake about it. when i served in iraq i was not afraid of terrorists and now that i am living state-side i am still not afraid of terrorists, but people like robertson scare me. they also have their fingers in the white house (what do you think the harriet miers thing was all about?) and they pound the war drum, big time. if robertson and others believe in the same things as the iran clergy and other kooks, does that not make them one in the same? we have an old saying in the infantry, "if it walks like a duck,if it qwacks like a duck, it probably is a duck!" america needs to wake up and smell the enemy among us. the religious right and others will not stop at abortion. they will want other laws passed as well. they will continue to eat away at the fabric of our society because they are evil and want control. just look at history, its always the same. control over others. bin ladin and robertson want the clergy to rule over man and for the bible (or koran) to replace a nations constitution. dont believe it? just listen to these kooks run thier mouths. what do you think the constitional amendments against gay marriage is all about? who really cares if gays get married anyway? (why cant gays suffer like the rest of us,LOL!) meanwhile, back at the ranch, the republicans continue to rob the nations wealth. tax breaks for the rich, cuts to the poor. screw the indians and our nations veterans,while we have a budget to balance and souls to save...

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