Friday, February 10, 2006

greetings to all old soldiers! just for the record, i had to call in to c-spans washington journal (02/09/06) program after hearing a stupid republican king george lover call in and insult the guest from soldiers for the truth. its a strange world when people attack those who are trying to help the troops. iraq is everyones war and real patriots do thier duty and speak the truth. the real traitors to america are the republicans and right-wingers who blindly follow leaders who couldnt manage a lemonade stand, let alone a nation (roosevelt said as much!). these followers are the people who are mostly cowards and chicken hawks. they want war but dont want to pay for it (the drums of war sound best when they are at a distanceLOL!). all good americans should vote these robber barons and chicken hawks out of office. they are destroying our army, our great nation, and decades of relationships overseas. col. charles soldiers for truth is only trying to help the troops serving overseas who are in harms way. who could find fualt with wanting better body armour for the troops? republicans! we're dealing with an administration in washington who gives tax breaks to the rich while cutting help to the poor. they are cutting benifits for the veterans as well. what kind of creeps are these people? republicans! do you think these robber barons give a shit about the common grunt on the ground in iraq? the robber barons and thier fellow republican gangsters only care about money, thier money. the bible thumpers in america who support them are no different than our terrorist enemy overseas (they think the world is flat, they are the same!). who's the real terrorist? pat robertson! anyway, my rant complete i return to the real world to work and pay taxes that i hope will make my nation a great place to live. my ancestors fought and died for the right to the taxes that made us what we are today and its as if "king george" himself has returned from the grave to destroy and rob our great nation. pay your taxes, you evil republicans! dont shirk your duty to this great nation. send your own sons and daughters to war overseas if you dont want to pay your taxes, you traitors! well, good-bye and good luck to everyone serving overseas. dont be a traitor to our nation, pay your taxes and vote for the democrats,...

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