Monday, March 20, 2006

greetings all! it hurts me to hear of all the bad things happening in iraq. when i was in baghdad in 2003 things really seemed okay. i bitched about not being able to go home but i had high hopes for iraq. i knew we didnt have enough troops for the job but people were so nice to us i felt things could work out. outside of a few stray rounds and a rocket attack (or two) i never felt like i was in any real danger. our infantry unit was tight, we had the benefit of serving with the special forces and we were "in the know". the fact that there were no red lights at the intersections in baghdad was a good thing (no stoppingLOL!). we waved at armed people, we didnt shoot at them. we placed sandbags on the floor of our humvees but what we really needed were good shocks. pot-holes were a threat, not IEDs. KBR moved in and we had the best chow in the world. people can say what they want about KBR (and others) but they run a great chow hall. thats important. we supported the war in iraq, nobody forced anybody in our unit to deploy to iraq. only a few people opted out of deployment, it just was not an issue. many in our unit didnt buy the WMD issue or the connection to 9/11 but we were happy to be part of getting rid of a horrible man (saddam). now its a whole new ball game. i blame all our problems at home and in iraq on the republicans. if we want to make things right we need to elect democrats to our government. democrat leaders like rep. murtha can show us the way. the republicans had thier chance in office and they blew it. im no longer in the military so i can say these things(once a marine always a marineLOL!). the republicans are so evil it is unreal. the world should know that not all americans are money greedy flag waving bible thumpers who care nothing about the misery overseas. we do care and we are going to vote these neocon right-wingers out of office. then we are going to tax the piss out of them, so they can pay for thier sins and ill-gotten profits. the republicans dont know how to fight the terrorists. they cant protect us. they let 9/11 happen and they take the high ground blaming others for thier errors. the terrorists should take note however, we will get you ( make no mistake about it!) with the right leadership at the helm we will find you and destroy you. amen and god bless our troops!

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