Saturday, March 25, 2006

greetings all! nothing much to say tonight i must admit. i am curious about all the attacks on the media from both the left and the right because it raises some important issues. we who are in the "middle" as far as politics go should take note because this is an attack on free press, period. the muslims became upset about some stupid cartoons some time ago and this is an example of what im talking about. if the muslims cant take a joke then that is thier problem. dont blame the press. we dont have to bomb these people into the stone age, they are already living in the stone age. just look at the hovels they call home. cant blame the u.s. for that life-style. in america the left accuses the media of being owned and controlled by right-wingers. what a load of crap. the media has to survive in a free market economy and they print and show what sells. the market controls the media, not a secret group of politicians. the right-wing is just as bad. they accuse the media of being liberal. again, what a load of crap. there is no "liberal press", these people want to "shoot the messenger" and that is just plain stupid. the republicans in power in america are really being stupid concerning the reporting in iraq. most of the news coming out of iraq is not good and that does not jive with thier politics. too bad. so they want the media to report good news? then they need to have a policy that generates good news. but republicans are stupid and its so much easier (and cheaper) to shoot the messenger. religion has never liked the press. they tried to stop the printing press in ancient europe. thank god they could not stop the press because we wouldnt have what we have today, the right to communicate with a free press. many muslims hate the press, as well. remember america, the terrorists hate our free press. think about that for awhile. listen to the right-wing radio and they sound more like the terrorists we are fighting against everyday. in afghanistan they want to kill a man for becoming christian. i am christian, i dont like that (my ancestors were christians, as well). the idea it was reported to the rest of the world is a problem to them. think there is going to be free press there? not for long. my point is that if you are not a secular christian democrat like me, you are wrongLOL! i can say that, in a free world...

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