Friday, March 03, 2006

greetings all ye olde soldiers! just for kicks i check out the liberal left-wing blogs from time to time. lordy! they are as stupid as the right wingers! lies about the miltary are out of control and the "kook meter" is on high. i know a little about these people, i come from a kooky liberal family. for example, i am a second class citizen in thier eyes because i smoke, eat red meat, drive an SUV, carry a weapon and serve in the military when the mood strikes me. but they are clueless. i am really a "tax and spend democrat" first and a hawk second ( i see no harm in using a big stick to get our way from time to time ). i do have alot in common with the left. i think the rich should be taxed and made to feed the poor (rich people here seem to forget where thier riches came from). taxes made this country great. my ancestors shed blood for the right to those taxes and our nation fought a civil war over taxes (remember, the south did not want to pay taxes so we sent our military in to make them pay taxes). i think abortion should be legal (if a woman is raped by an aids infected creep does that mean she has to raise his child? not!) the drug war is a joke (if we cant stop heroin from afghanistan how are we going to stop terrorists?) our borders are wide open and they want to tap our phones? i also think bush is the worst president we've ever had and he does sound alot like hitler but what really gets me is the fact that these lefty "peace-niks" and "tree-huggers" know nothing about the military they rant and rave against. i have a "kook meter" for these people and it always seems to be on high. for example, what does the "aztec sun dance" have to do with a meeting on resisting military recruitment? if any of those fat hippie white chicks rolling about on the ground saw an aztec warrior they would just shit in thier sun dresses. the tree huggers should take note too, ancient native americans were no friends of the enviroment. the left seems to know little about any aspect of miltary. ( if you cant tell a private from a captain what right do you have to bash the army?) i bash the religious right but i know alot about them. they are not about jesus christ, for example. jesus didnt hate fags or whores, he hung out with them. if jesus does return, i hope he sends both pat robertson and ralph nader straight to hell!LOL!

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