Monday, March 13, 2006

greetings all! yes, another horriable day in baghdad. i try to contain my anger and i do that by ranting againts republicans. they are the cause of all our problems here in the usa and overseas. they are evil. liberals and democrats may be kooky but the republicans are just plain evil. they are also looting our great nation of its wealth and power. if you think terrorists are bad for our nation just give the republicans more time in office. because i served in iraq in the early days i know first hand how bad "they" screwed it up (not enough troops, no protection from IEDs, etc.). republicans care only about their money and nothing else. the proof is in the pudding. they are no freind of the veteran. they advocate tax cuts for the wealthy and cut veterans benifits at the same time. the right wing neo-cons who now own and run this nation are chicken hawks to boot (cowards who would send others to do thier dirty work). i supported our war in iraq and was happy to go. we have an intrest in protecting our intrests in the region and sometimes a big stick is needed to get our way. but our fearless leaders have thrown all that down the toilet. now we have a mess. i dont buy the idea that we must unite against a common enemy by being stupid. its beyond that. the republicans dont know how to fight this "enemy" the destruction of the twin towers happened on the republicans "watch" and some how the republicans are the heros? i urge all americans to vote for any democrat in 2008 because a vote for a republican is really a vote for "king george" even though he is not on the ballet. dont let these bastard weasel out of their horriable job performance. remember, if you preformed as the republicans have you would be gone from your job (think about it). lets fire these evil doers and robber barrons by not voting for them (they havnt taken that from us). we can fight the war on terror but lets tell the republicans we can do it without them. let them count their money and thump their bibles and we will fight the war on terror, our way (diplomacy backed by the best military in the world!) evil republicans begone! christ ran these same people out of the temples, lets run them out of office! amen!

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