Thursday, March 16, 2006

greetings everyone! the republicans want to do away with veterans health care and this is one of the many reasons i believe they are evil. veterans health care is not welfare, as many right wing republicans claim. many veterans (when not serving in war or active duty) are self-employed and/or cannot afford health care. its bad enough that republicans want to get rid of social security but why go after veterans? i've never been injured or had a serious illness but VA healthcare is the only health care i have known my entire adult life. it is a good system that is paying back what the taxpayers put into it. many veterans are healthy and employed thanks to the VA so why do republicans want to get rid of it? another thing i dont understand is what makes right wing republicans think there is still welfare in the united states anyway? despite what rush limbaugh and others say there is no welfare in america. there are food stamps and WIC but these programs support only mothers with infants and people in these programs must work. again, no welfare here. in many cases it is just plain racism and hatred. alot of people in alabama dont want mothers in detroit receiving WIC. why? many people in red states are stupid bigots, plain and simple. they would punish little children just because they dont like the mother. right-wing republicans are evil, plain and simple. republicans claim democrats want a welfare state. since when? clinton got rid of welfare as we know it, duhhh! he was a democrat i do believe. the republicans claim democrats would allow terrorists attacks. since when!? 9/11 occured during the republican watch, i do believe. how are the democrats are at fualt? the republicans are turning the war on terror into a joke (just like the war on drugs). its just an excuse to rob us of our pocketbooks. they have made a mess of iraq. i know, i was there and saw first hand just how stupid the civilians are who run our military. what a bunch of chicken hawk idiots! if you are american and you vote republican you are just as evil. you care nothing about the well-being of this great nation. shame on you! if you vote republican you care nothing about the service members who risk thier lives to protect our nation. the democrats are not much better in many respects but they just HAVE to be better than republicans. vote!

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