Thursday, March 02, 2006

liberals are kooks but conservatives and right-wingers are just plain evil. i hope that people reading this blog dont think im liberal just because i think that the republicans running our great country are running it right into the ground. im no liberal. im a capitalist and a hawk so i have never been fond of liberals but the republicans cant do anything right and their record of blunders proves it. we handed them iraq and what did they do? they dropped the ball. not only are they making a mess of iraq but they are also trashing our great army. they want to cut veterans benefits and scale back the troop numbers in the national guard and reserves. they give tax breaks to rich while cutting aid to the poor. what a bunch of evil doers. for gods sake america, lets vote these evil robber barons and chicken hawk bastards out of office! we have no option now but to leave iraq. what a shame. i knew we were going to have problems when the republican guard left thier posts and went home. i knew then that i was not going home. anyway, its a sad time for iraq. i feel sorry for all those smiling faces and happy people i met in iraq who are now at the mercy of "koran-thumpers" and other evil people. shame on you republicans! you are to blame for our problems, here and abroad. how can these people sleep at night? they are stealing baby formula from infants and wheel chairs from old people. they dump thier garbage in our lakes and streams and laugh at our bill of rights and constitution. freedom is too important to vote republican! our founding fathers must be turning in thier graves,...

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