Saturday, March 11, 2006

the UAE port deal! i have to support the president on this one. it just shows how dumb republicans are. so all arabs are terrorists? i beg to differ. they've been fighting the terrorists alot longer than us and they support america in this war on terror. republicans are determined to piss the whole world off, i guess. republicans need to know that america has alot invested overseas (many owe thier wealth to that investment). our standard of living depends on it. this is why i part company with the left on many issues concerning the war on terror. we need a big stick to get our way from time to time overseas (but the more hands on that stick the better). did it ever occure to the numb-witted that company ownership works both ways? we own investments overseas, duhhh! so people overseas cant invest here? huh? we even invest with chavez' nation (venezuela). they dont like bush. are they going to throw us out? i dont think so. there are alot of american companies overseas that pump that oil out you idiot republicans. what UAE does is run ports! duhh! my beef isnt with the investors who own the companies, its the security of our american ports. the republicans want tax breaks for the rich but not a penny to search sea-port containers. now people know why i think republicans are so stupid (they are stuck on stupid). meanwhile, back at the ranch, the robber-barons are looting america and no one seems to give a shit. the wealthy dont care about an assualt on america. they have their money and it buys a margin of safety. its the rest of us who pay for the damage caused by republicans. can anyone say "record deficits?" how about enron, abramoff, the bogus war on drugs and open borders? and these people complain about arabs running our ports? idiots! if they are going to cry, why dont they cry about american jobs being sent overseas? republicans support sending lumber and other raw goods to japan and other places and then selling the finished product back to america at inflated prices. then they blame the tree huggers for the loss of amercan jobsLOL! give me a break! goddamn these republicans to hell! wake up america and vote! i wont even get to iraq tonight (god help iraq,...please!!!!!)....

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