Thursday, March 23, 2006

well, the right-wing republicans are at it again! lies, lies and more lies! the latest lies involve WMDs and they couldnt be further from the truth. first of all, there is no way in hell saddam moved WMDs from iraq to syria (or anywhere else prior to the current iraq war). no way! i know, i was there! first of all this lie is a slap in the face for all u.s. military (and others) who served in the region. the no-fly zone means just that, a no-fly zone! i listened to the british tornados roar off night and day going after something as small as a box truck. i served with special operations at the base in kuwait and slept yards from the run-way. and what if WMDs did make it out? wouldnt that make the receiving country a threat as well? just where are those WMDs anyway? ill tell you! there are none in that region you chicken hawk right-wing republican bastards! why the need to insult the u.s. military? isnt it bad enough that republicans want to reduce veterans benefits? i supported going to iraq to remove an evil dictator. isnt that enough of a reason to go? i'm a hawk, i would support this war because saddam needed to go. but why did the chicken hawk republicans disband his army? i had to stand extra guard duty because of that blunder! i was on duty with one other soldier at a checkpoint in the middle of nowhere when bush gave his "bring it on" speech. im still pissed about that "comment." rush limbaugh is a big fat liar, as well. he is the one leading the charge with this latest WMD lie. let him get off his big fat ass and enlist if he's so gung-ho to go to war. the drums of war sound real good when you are at a distance (dont they? you big fat rich pig!) we have a real enemy in the middle east and the republicans just dont seem to care. the evil koran thumping terrorists must love our inept administration. the terrorists waltzed right into iraq thanks to the blunders of those right-wing republicans and our service members pay the price everyday. do i sound angry? goddamn right i'm angry! i've lost close friends in iraq. i pray everynight that we vote these bastards out of office. we can't fight the real bad guys until we do, its that simple. these evil koran thumping terrorist bastards flew aircraft into our twin towers and all the republicans care about is tax cuts to the wealthy and benefit cuts for the poor. wake up america! vote!

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