Wednesday, April 26, 2006

greetings all! its unfortunate that my little blog has turned into a rant againts republicans but because i am no longer in baghdad there is nothing else to bitch about(LOL!). this blog started from e-mail when i was deployed to iraq. my wife thought people might find our e-mail interesting so she started publishing our mail except for very personal or tactical information. with tactics over with on the earlier missions of the war we could say pretty much what we wanted when we were later attached to I corps. you do have to watch what you say because people who dont like us really dont need to learn about us. the less the bad guys know, the better. people should also remember that america is a free nation and that allows us to write and say things about our own government that some people may not like. this makes america a great nation, for sure. we will march off to war for our nation on the drop of a dime but if we dont like our government we will vote them out of office. that means a nation will support wars againts our foes because they have a voice and an option, not because they blindly follow thier leaders or are forced to follow. we have no draft or obligation to serve, we serve because we are free to serve. any foes of america should consider this and pray you dont meet have to go againts U.S. forces anytime in the near future. anyway, no rant againts republicans tonight, im to tired(LOL!) america will be even stronger if democrats are elected to office so we can only pray people will vote smart. in america it is more important to vote. it is less important in most other nations (to be sure(LOL!) but americans go to the poles less often. i think terrorists are afraid of america and its freedom (all the more reason not to vote republican,LOL!) well, i cant help but to blog about baghdad from time to to time. no breaking news ever, just plain old e-mail with a rant or two. e-mail time was limited in the early days of the war because of the work load and shortage of terminals. things are better now. a plug for KBR and others because these contractors do a great job. i could not believe how good the chow was where ever i traveled. i have served off and on in the military for over 30 years and i never visited a mess hall that could rival KBR. well, best wishes to all of you serving overseas,..

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