Friday, June 09, 2006

there is no excuse for what happened in haditha. it makes me sick that people here in america can defend the actions of the marines who took part in the shooting of civilians. i served in the marines and as a marine it worries me that the marines involved with this tossed their values and ethics into the garbage. hell, killing civilians is what the terrorists do, not us! the units i served with in iraq were proud of not shooting people. we had strict rules of engagement and when we did engage the enemy (or whoever shot at us) we had fields of fire that prevented returning fire into certain areas. thats how it works. there are civilian deaths in war but they should not be by direct fire. if you can see your round go down range the idea is to not hit anything but your target. i dont understand women and children as targets, never will. i dont understand the right wing christian bent on this. how can this haditha investigation be the fualt of the press or democrats? these are the same people that want to outlaw abortion but think the death penality and killing iraqi children is okay? i hope all ye bible thumpers rot in hell! these are the same nut cases that think gay marriage is more important than any of the pressing issues we have facing our world today. so many christians, to few lions!LOL! while our leadership seeks to split our nation with such petty issues our real enemy in the middle east plots and plans. theyve been around for awhile. they sound alot like the right-wingers in our nation. remember, the koran thumping bastards shot sadat (a world leader) and have been involved with bad happenings for decades now. why havnt they been caught? bin laden and his followers need a smart bomb delivered to them but no, gay marriage and the death tax seem to be more important. go figure. anyway, i continue my rant againts the republicans. people should know not all americans are not greedy and evil like the republicans. thats what its all about, thier goddamn money. dont think for a minute that they are going to heaven when they die. they carry thier bibles like a weapons and god will punish them for that. for now all i can do is try to change the minds of people who think a republican is a good thing. these snake-oil salesman need to be driven from the temple, so to speak. vote america and vote these republican bastards out!

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