Sunday, August 27, 2006

i guess i was wrong about the situation an iraq,...rumsfeld claims our problems are now over in baghdad. i guess three thousand stryker troops was all that was needed to stop civil war in iraq. hoo-rahh! we should listen to our government in washington more often, they are always right! this latest event proves it! anyway, we better learn to accept what we're told about iraq because we are going to be there a long, long time. even if democrats are elected to office tomorrow we will still (always) be there (iraq) and that we all know that to be true. democrats won't be elected to office here in the usa because america is worried about the terrorist attacks that democrats elected to office would invite. but what people dont know is that electing democrats will not change the situation in iraq or the war on terror. hell, clinton built the military that bush used to invade iraq. the war was being planned long befor bush even got into office (qatar, for example). it was the same with vietnam. democrats only increased the war effort in vietnam after saying they would pull out so they could be elected to office (remember LBJ?). both liberals and conservatives in america are beating a dead horse now, playing to thier base. those of us in the middle know that the kooks on both sides are as stupid as stupid goes. i guess the republicans are the "most stupid" because they are cowards for being afraid of a few bent arabs (people who think the world is flat) and they are cowards for refusing to fight in a war they started (chicken-hawks). these right-wingers who run thier mouths dont join the army or marines. they sit on thier couches at home watching sports on tv, beating thier wives, drinking booze and bashing liberals. they are no heros, they are cowards and they dont deserve to live in america. i wish i could shoot some of them with my rifle but our laws here prevent me from doing just that. i wonder how these right-wingers would feel if i dragged them from their home by the hair only to shoot them in the head in the street? that's how we often handle people in iraq when they dont answer the door when we knock. why then do these republican nut cases want to get rid of the constitution and bill of rights? why get rid of the very document that protects you from soldiers like me who would remove you from your home and shoot you in the head if we could? better wake up america! better protect the documents that make us great and safe! stand by our constitution and bill of rights! vote these nazis (republican and democrat) out of office!

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