Sunday, August 20, 2006

its been awhile since i last blogged. i guess i'm like most americans now, chasing the almighty dollar and putting off talking about the world's problems for the time being. anyway, americans are clueless about the situation in iraq. for example, many still connect saddam and iraq to the 9/11 attack and there is no way to really dispute that falsehood because americans really know so little about terrorists (americans don't know much about iraq so political talking points fall on deaf ears). i know a little about the terrorists. i remember when they shot and killed anwar sadat. the same people who shot sadat now plague us. its bin laden and his ilk who shot sadat and they knocked down the twin towers too. much to the delight of many republicans, i must add. its the truth. republicans wouldnt control so much of our government today had 9/11 not happened. they wouldnt have the powers that they have now. let's just face the truth. it's the war on terror that makes republicans strong and democrats won't be elected to office here unless they support any war(s) or wire-tapping, for that matter. it's the ugly truth. same with taxes. people wont vote for politicians who support taxes (many people where i live consider taxes communism anyway). like people in many third world countries, they simply dont want to pay them (taxes). right-wing republicans consider the bill of rights and the u.s. constitution null and void during time of war. the war on terror will never end with these republican idiots at the helm (so go figure). republicans have set a trap for democrats in the political arena, as well. support the constitution and the bill of rights now and you are supporting the terroists. you are a "liberal activist judge" or you are a "cut and run" liberal. the traps are all set and snapping and it looks like check-mate for democrats. the message from republicans is clear. elect democrats and the terrorists will get you. you will also pay higher taxes (not true). thats too bad, really. i vote democrat because they are the lessor of two evils. i dont care much for liberals and i know damn well a group of leftie liberals could run our nation into the ground just as fast or faster than the right wingers are doing to our nation right now but i feel it is my duty (like serving in iraq) to vote for the right people. vote democrat,...(anyway)

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