Monday, September 04, 2006

maybe i shouldnt rant and rave about evil republicans on my blog so much. looks like they are going to be in power in america for some time to come. as long as the republicans beat the drums of war loud enough everything else is drowned out, it seems. i feel the american people are not being very smart because it is obvious that the republicans are doing nothing for america. the republicans claim if we leave iraq the terrorists will come to america and get us. but they say that about everything! if you vote democrat, the terrorists will get you. if you require a warrant for a search or wire-tapping, the terrorists will get you. the republicans are telling america that there is no civil war in iraq. its a lie! (republicans, always with the lies) this all makes me very sad because i had high hopes for iraq when i served there in 2003. nice people everywhere. now i blame the republicans for all the horrible things happening in iraq today. rumsfeld should be fired. hells-bells, bush should have been fired as soon as the world trade towers came down. 9/11 happened on his watch, did it not? america needs to wake up and understand that people with oil and money should not be running our great nation. we, the "people" should be in charge. same with religion. our founding fathers made it clear in the u.s. constitution that religion should be seperate from government yet the republicans make it clear they want a christian nation. the push for ten commandment monuments and public prayer proves there is no mistake that they seek to overturn our very own constitution. the republicans are no friend of the armed forces veteran, as well. they cut benefits to veterans and give tax breaks to the rich at a time when we are at war. does this sound right? the republicans now control two of the largest and best known veterans organisations in america. it seems the VFW and american legion are more concerned about making flag burning illegal than helping veterans. they do nothing for the veteran yet they contact us when we return from war asking for money. they may claim to help veterans but i have yet to learn what that means. anyway, we will always be in iraq no matter democrat or republican so voters would be wise to focus on other issues and not be distracted by the republicans war drums,...

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