Sunday, September 17, 2006

president bush and his cronies are wrong about the "torture" issue. the terrorists are horrible people but the laws and regulations concerning torture and the handling of information is really meant to protect our troops, not the enemy terrorists. the republicans have turned this issue around and now claim that people who are opposed to their torture policy are supporting the terrorists. they are wrong. marines and soldiers should now be concerned because it is obvious republicans care nothing about our well-being in war or combat. again, the geneva convention and other types of international law protect us from all sorts of situations during war time. its a fact. its documented. there is a reason great people went to such effort to secure such rules. republicans like sen. mcCain know this. chicken hawks like rumsfeld and rove do not. they dont fight in the wars they start. their children dont fight in the wars they start. they want more power now, to do as they please as far as the enemy is concerned but they do it at the cost of all of us who serve in combat against real enemies. gen. powell knows this, he said as much. but the right-wing republicans continue to act like nazis and communists, the same names they call the democrats. the idea that mcCain supports terrorism is laughable, at best. but the republicans persist at the name calling. George Soros is right on the money when he talks about this administration. just like the nazis, they use fear to get their way. bush tells us that if we dont aprove of their torture policy the terrorists will get our children. thats fear-mongering and i really dont think the terrorists will get my children if i dont approve of torture. the terrorists might get our children if we continue to elect republicans to office because republicans are turning the whole world against us (thats my own brand of fear-mongeringLOL!). keep voting republican and we wont have a nation left to defend. chew on that awhile. i beg all fellow soldiers and marines to vote republicans out of office. its important to america, iraq and the whole world. remember, bush let 9/11 happen. do we elect failed policy? if we continue to support bush we may dig ourselves into a deeper hole, something we cant bomb our way out of,...god help us defeat republicans,..

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