Tuesday, May 09, 2006

right-wing republicans are an odd mix of robber barons and hillbilly bible thumpers. democrats have their kooks too but they dont seem as evil as republican right-wingers as far as public policy is concerned. democrats are the lesser of the two evils, for sure. republican right-wingers care more about gay marriage than war or disease and they dont want to pay taxes even when the nation is being threatened by terrorism and natural disasters. its just too wierd. bush and the republicans are telling lies but the american public seems to be okay with it. people claim that bush's polls are low but remember that the numbers at the polls can still elect bush in an election. that is why i beg people not to vote for nader (or any other lefty kook) because we must vote these republicans out of office at all costs. lets face it, the white house is HQ for the robber barons and they are robbing this great nation of its wealth. their public policy sucks, period. republicans are no friend of the soldier or veteran. republicans advocate cuts in benefits to veterans and bush even cut combat pay to service members overseas and reinstated the pay only after public outcry. the right-wing republican neocons lied about the WMDs in iraq as well as the number of troops needed to secure iraq. i know, i was there and they screwed all of us with their inept leadership. i always talk to my republican friends about iraq. if i can get just one republican to vote democrat i helped do my part to better the world. some republicans are good people, they just need to know just how evil the the republican right is. we know the left can be just as evil but the left does not have the power and money like the right in these trying times. i remember making a promise to myself to continue my rant against the evil republicans even after i returned from the war in iraq. i consider myself a patriot, more so than other people i know. i am a marine, a soldier and i am infantry all the way. i served in combat with the special forces during operation enduring freedom and my ancestors founded this nation. yes, i believe i am more of a patriot than any tax cheating right wing republican. if republicans are so patriotic why dont they enlist in the army and pay thier taxes? they suck as americans, that's why!

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