Friday, February 16, 2007

greetings all, its been a long time since i blogged here because i get so tired of ranting about the idiot republicans. i have to force myself from time to time to forget that the wealthy republicans are running this great nation right into the ground. its hard to stay silent for long. as long as the republicans continue to lie, i guess i will continue to blog. anyway, bush and the republicans are lying about the debate on iraq harming troop morale. as both a vietnam-era veteran and an iraq war veteran i like to think that i know about morale. i know every u.s. service member (liberal or conservative) knows that they fight for the right of americans to have debate and have opinions. this is the very thing that makes america great. why are right-wing republicans trying so hard to stop debate about iraq? these are the same people who send the taxpayers money to iraq by the plane load. they make cuts in funding to medicare, the poor and american veterans of all wars. what the hell!?! tax cuts for their wealthy freinds! if you voted republican you should be ashamed of yourself. you are either stupid or evil. pick one! bush and his cronies were wrong about iraq for so long i dont understand how anyone can believe he is right now about the situation in the middle east. maybe bush is living in the middle ages. bible thumpers and republicans alike would love the middle-ages, me-thinks LOL! the cowardly chicken-hawk robber barons keep their lies coming, too many for the public to keep up with. too many to list in one short blog. where does one start? evil! evil! evil republicans! bad republicans! there, thats better. i feel better now! curse the evil bastards, may they all rot in hell! anyway, its sad about what is happening to iraq. they blame iraq now, you know. they blame iran, they blame democrats. they blame the media. some blame american sinners (pat robertson and the taliban blame sinners) they suck! i can only hope the american public will continue to vote republicans from office. nothing personal republicans, you suck, you are all fired! well, i sign off now. i do feel sorry for iraq. so many americans are clueless about the misery of living in a place like baghdad. those of us who served in iraq cant help but to feel for those we knew. its that way anywhere.

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