Wednesday, April 26, 2006

greetings all! its unfortunate that my little blog has turned into a rant againts republicans but because i am no longer in baghdad there is nothing else to bitch about(LOL!). this blog started from e-mail when i was deployed to iraq. my wife thought people might find our e-mail interesting so she started publishing our mail except for very personal or tactical information. with tactics over with on the earlier missions of the war we could say pretty much what we wanted when we were later attached to I corps. you do have to watch what you say because people who dont like us really dont need to learn about us. the less the bad guys know, the better. people should also remember that america is a free nation and that allows us to write and say things about our own government that some people may not like. this makes america a great nation, for sure. we will march off to war for our nation on the drop of a dime but if we dont like our government we will vote them out of office. that means a nation will support wars againts our foes because they have a voice and an option, not because they blindly follow thier leaders or are forced to follow. we have no draft or obligation to serve, we serve because we are free to serve. any foes of america should consider this and pray you dont meet have to go againts U.S. forces anytime in the near future. anyway, no rant againts republicans tonight, im to tired(LOL!) america will be even stronger if democrats are elected to office so we can only pray people will vote smart. in america it is more important to vote. it is less important in most other nations (to be sure(LOL!) but americans go to the poles less often. i think terrorists are afraid of america and its freedom (all the more reason not to vote republican,LOL!) well, i cant help but to blog about baghdad from time to to time. no breaking news ever, just plain old e-mail with a rant or two. e-mail time was limited in the early days of the war because of the work load and shortage of terminals. things are better now. a plug for KBR and others because these contractors do a great job. i could not believe how good the chow was where ever i traveled. i have served off and on in the military for over 30 years and i never visited a mess hall that could rival KBR. well, best wishes to all of you serving overseas,..

Sunday, April 16, 2006

its about time somebody called for the ousting of rumsfeld, rumsfeld is an idiot! these chicken hawk neo-cons like cheney and rumsfeld cant run a lemonade stand, let alone an army. when will america learn this? when its too late? i have issues with civilians running the military anyway, let alone stupid oil rich republican chicken hawks. lordy, i hate those evil people! how could such a great nation of ours elect such evil sinners to our government. we might as well not have a government, it works no more (katrina!katrina!katrina!). they are criminals (enron! enron! enron!). they stole the first election from al gore and used 9/11 to win thier second election (9/11! 9/11! 9/11!). hells bells, the selfish republicans are to blame for 9/11!!! it happened on "thier" shift! then they turn and blame democrats for 9/11? wake up america! anyway, if you go back and read my earlier blogs you can see that ive thought the iraq war was being poorly run from the "get go". there is no other explanation for iraq's current state of affairs. it is rumsfelds fault, hes the one in charge! how can he not be to blame? politics? i dont think so. the democrats, media and or the american public dont run the war in iraq, rumsfeld does and he sucks at the job! for those of you who think somehow god is on the side of rumsfeld and the other evil neocons you are wrong! jesus is a liberal, just read what he wrote and said. jesus is no neocon (who would jesus bomb?). so if you are christian and you think you must vote republican you are a goddamn sinner! you are just as evil as the horrible people who now run our government. i dont know how else to put it, our great nation is being run into the ground right befor our eyes and anyone who voted republican is to blame, big time. we're never going to defeat terrorism with these bible thumping robber barons in office. why cant america see this? these are people are not patriots! when did they serve thier nation in war or combat? outside of mcCain and a few others who among their ranks is a real soldier? they are not real christians! what christian takes from the poor and gives to the rich? christians who support these evil doers are the most like the enemy we are fighting overseas. just listen to what they say and do. they are selfish and evil! god help us all!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

greetings all, goodday to all. i'm not one to say " i told you so" but if you've been reading this blog the past couple of years you know i've predicted the turmoil unfolding in iraq today. our republican leadership bungled iraq like eveything else they touch. it should be obvious by now that we cant afford to let republicans run things, its not good for our nation. we need to stop telling other nations to vote and get out and vote in the leadership our nation needs. its pure bullshit that electing democrats will mean terror attacks and high taxes. like so much the republicans have said before, this message should begin to fall on deaf ears. how can any reasonable person believe republicans after all their years in office? why would any democrat want high taxes and terrorist attacks? they dont, republicans like rush limbaugh want you to think so however. if you look around at what is happening you cant help but notice the republican party is doing thier best to run this great nation right into the ground. the right-wing lies continue to pour in, but the kooky left who nobody really listens to are the ones that get the most press. people should know by now this is not a healthy political enviroment for our nation. the right-wing in our nation wants even more crazy things made law like re-inventing work farms (for black people in prison mostly) and make millions of people felons overnight. yes, people are contracting now to house immigrants and prison labour. some of these people already have large contracts with our military, housing and feeding troops here and overseas. the right-wing wants more tax cuts for the rich, they are determined to rob this nation of every bit of its remaining wealth. its no conspiracy.
right-wing republicans and others are pretty much open about what they want to do. they point to the evils of communism and terrorists when confronted with thier mistakes and wrong-doings but i cant hope but to guess this message has to run thin with america at some point in the future. wake up people, we need real leadership in these times, not robber barons. the republicans cant protect us or our money and the sooner america understands this the sooner we can elect democrats who can lead,...

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