Friday, February 16, 2007

greetings all, its been a long time since i blogged here because i get so tired of ranting about the idiot republicans. i have to force myself from time to time to forget that the wealthy republicans are running this great nation right into the ground. its hard to stay silent for long. as long as the republicans continue to lie, i guess i will continue to blog. anyway, bush and the republicans are lying about the debate on iraq harming troop morale. as both a vietnam-era veteran and an iraq war veteran i like to think that i know about morale. i know every u.s. service member (liberal or conservative) knows that they fight for the right of americans to have debate and have opinions. this is the very thing that makes america great. why are right-wing republicans trying so hard to stop debate about iraq? these are the same people who send the taxpayers money to iraq by the plane load. they make cuts in funding to medicare, the poor and american veterans of all wars. what the hell!?! tax cuts for their wealthy freinds! if you voted republican you should be ashamed of yourself. you are either stupid or evil. pick one! bush and his cronies were wrong about iraq for so long i dont understand how anyone can believe he is right now about the situation in the middle east. maybe bush is living in the middle ages. bible thumpers and republicans alike would love the middle-ages, me-thinks LOL! the cowardly chicken-hawk robber barons keep their lies coming, too many for the public to keep up with. too many to list in one short blog. where does one start? evil! evil! evil republicans! bad republicans! there, thats better. i feel better now! curse the evil bastards, may they all rot in hell! anyway, its sad about what is happening to iraq. they blame iraq now, you know. they blame iran, they blame democrats. they blame the media. some blame american sinners (pat robertson and the taliban blame sinners) they suck! i can only hope the american public will continue to vote republicans from office. nothing personal republicans, you suck, you are all fired! well, i sign off now. i do feel sorry for iraq. so many americans are clueless about the misery of living in a place like baghdad. those of us who served in iraq cant help but to feel for those we knew. its that way anywhere.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

president bush and his cronies are wrong about the "torture" issue. the terrorists are horrible people but the laws and regulations concerning torture and the handling of information is really meant to protect our troops, not the enemy terrorists. the republicans have turned this issue around and now claim that people who are opposed to their torture policy are supporting the terrorists. they are wrong. marines and soldiers should now be concerned because it is obvious republicans care nothing about our well-being in war or combat. again, the geneva convention and other types of international law protect us from all sorts of situations during war time. its a fact. its documented. there is a reason great people went to such effort to secure such rules. republicans like sen. mcCain know this. chicken hawks like rumsfeld and rove do not. they dont fight in the wars they start. their children dont fight in the wars they start. they want more power now, to do as they please as far as the enemy is concerned but they do it at the cost of all of us who serve in combat against real enemies. gen. powell knows this, he said as much. but the right-wing republicans continue to act like nazis and communists, the same names they call the democrats. the idea that mcCain supports terrorism is laughable, at best. but the republicans persist at the name calling. George Soros is right on the money when he talks about this administration. just like the nazis, they use fear to get their way. bush tells us that if we dont aprove of their torture policy the terrorists will get our children. thats fear-mongering and i really dont think the terrorists will get my children if i dont approve of torture. the terrorists might get our children if we continue to elect republicans to office because republicans are turning the whole world against us (thats my own brand of fear-mongeringLOL!). keep voting republican and we wont have a nation left to defend. chew on that awhile. i beg all fellow soldiers and marines to vote republicans out of office. its important to america, iraq and the whole world. remember, bush let 9/11 happen. do we elect failed policy? if we continue to support bush we may dig ourselves into a deeper hole, something we cant bomb our way out of,...god help us defeat republicans,..

Monday, September 04, 2006

maybe i shouldnt rant and rave about evil republicans on my blog so much. looks like they are going to be in power in america for some time to come. as long as the republicans beat the drums of war loud enough everything else is drowned out, it seems. i feel the american people are not being very smart because it is obvious that the republicans are doing nothing for america. the republicans claim if we leave iraq the terrorists will come to america and get us. but they say that about everything! if you vote democrat, the terrorists will get you. if you require a warrant for a search or wire-tapping, the terrorists will get you. the republicans are telling america that there is no civil war in iraq. its a lie! (republicans, always with the lies) this all makes me very sad because i had high hopes for iraq when i served there in 2003. nice people everywhere. now i blame the republicans for all the horrible things happening in iraq today. rumsfeld should be fired. hells-bells, bush should have been fired as soon as the world trade towers came down. 9/11 happened on his watch, did it not? america needs to wake up and understand that people with oil and money should not be running our great nation. we, the "people" should be in charge. same with religion. our founding fathers made it clear in the u.s. constitution that religion should be seperate from government yet the republicans make it clear they want a christian nation. the push for ten commandment monuments and public prayer proves there is no mistake that they seek to overturn our very own constitution. the republicans are no friend of the armed forces veteran, as well. they cut benefits to veterans and give tax breaks to the rich at a time when we are at war. does this sound right? the republicans now control two of the largest and best known veterans organisations in america. it seems the VFW and american legion are more concerned about making flag burning illegal than helping veterans. they do nothing for the veteran yet they contact us when we return from war asking for money. they may claim to help veterans but i have yet to learn what that means. anyway, we will always be in iraq no matter democrat or republican so voters would be wise to focus on other issues and not be distracted by the republicans war drums,...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

i guess i was wrong about the situation an iraq,...rumsfeld claims our problems are now over in baghdad. i guess three thousand stryker troops was all that was needed to stop civil war in iraq. hoo-rahh! we should listen to our government in washington more often, they are always right! this latest event proves it! anyway, we better learn to accept what we're told about iraq because we are going to be there a long, long time. even if democrats are elected to office tomorrow we will still (always) be there (iraq) and that we all know that to be true. democrats won't be elected to office here in the usa because america is worried about the terrorist attacks that democrats elected to office would invite. but what people dont know is that electing democrats will not change the situation in iraq or the war on terror. hell, clinton built the military that bush used to invade iraq. the war was being planned long befor bush even got into office (qatar, for example). it was the same with vietnam. democrats only increased the war effort in vietnam after saying they would pull out so they could be elected to office (remember LBJ?). both liberals and conservatives in america are beating a dead horse now, playing to thier base. those of us in the middle know that the kooks on both sides are as stupid as stupid goes. i guess the republicans are the "most stupid" because they are cowards for being afraid of a few bent arabs (people who think the world is flat) and they are cowards for refusing to fight in a war they started (chicken-hawks). these right-wingers who run thier mouths dont join the army or marines. they sit on thier couches at home watching sports on tv, beating thier wives, drinking booze and bashing liberals. they are no heros, they are cowards and they dont deserve to live in america. i wish i could shoot some of them with my rifle but our laws here prevent me from doing just that. i wonder how these right-wingers would feel if i dragged them from their home by the hair only to shoot them in the head in the street? that's how we often handle people in iraq when they dont answer the door when we knock. why then do these republican nut cases want to get rid of the constitution and bill of rights? why get rid of the very document that protects you from soldiers like me who would remove you from your home and shoot you in the head if we could? better wake up america! better protect the documents that make us great and safe! stand by our constitution and bill of rights! vote these nazis (republican and democrat) out of office!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

its been awhile since i last blogged. i guess i'm like most americans now, chasing the almighty dollar and putting off talking about the world's problems for the time being. anyway, americans are clueless about the situation in iraq. for example, many still connect saddam and iraq to the 9/11 attack and there is no way to really dispute that falsehood because americans really know so little about terrorists (americans don't know much about iraq so political talking points fall on deaf ears). i know a little about the terrorists. i remember when they shot and killed anwar sadat. the same people who shot sadat now plague us. its bin laden and his ilk who shot sadat and they knocked down the twin towers too. much to the delight of many republicans, i must add. its the truth. republicans wouldnt control so much of our government today had 9/11 not happened. they wouldnt have the powers that they have now. let's just face the truth. it's the war on terror that makes republicans strong and democrats won't be elected to office here unless they support any war(s) or wire-tapping, for that matter. it's the ugly truth. same with taxes. people wont vote for politicians who support taxes (many people where i live consider taxes communism anyway). like people in many third world countries, they simply dont want to pay them (taxes). right-wing republicans consider the bill of rights and the u.s. constitution null and void during time of war. the war on terror will never end with these republican idiots at the helm (so go figure). republicans have set a trap for democrats in the political arena, as well. support the constitution and the bill of rights now and you are supporting the terroists. you are a "liberal activist judge" or you are a "cut and run" liberal. the traps are all set and snapping and it looks like check-mate for democrats. the message from republicans is clear. elect democrats and the terrorists will get you. you will also pay higher taxes (not true). thats too bad, really. i vote democrat because they are the lessor of two evils. i dont care much for liberals and i know damn well a group of leftie liberals could run our nation into the ground just as fast or faster than the right wingers are doing to our nation right now but i feel it is my duty (like serving in iraq) to vote for the right people. vote democrat,...(anyway)

Friday, June 09, 2006

there is no excuse for what happened in haditha. it makes me sick that people here in america can defend the actions of the marines who took part in the shooting of civilians. i served in the marines and as a marine it worries me that the marines involved with this tossed their values and ethics into the garbage. hell, killing civilians is what the terrorists do, not us! the units i served with in iraq were proud of not shooting people. we had strict rules of engagement and when we did engage the enemy (or whoever shot at us) we had fields of fire that prevented returning fire into certain areas. thats how it works. there are civilian deaths in war but they should not be by direct fire. if you can see your round go down range the idea is to not hit anything but your target. i dont understand women and children as targets, never will. i dont understand the right wing christian bent on this. how can this haditha investigation be the fualt of the press or democrats? these are the same people that want to outlaw abortion but think the death penality and killing iraqi children is okay? i hope all ye bible thumpers rot in hell! these are the same nut cases that think gay marriage is more important than any of the pressing issues we have facing our world today. so many christians, to few lions!LOL! while our leadership seeks to split our nation with such petty issues our real enemy in the middle east plots and plans. theyve been around for awhile. they sound alot like the right-wingers in our nation. remember, the koran thumping bastards shot sadat (a world leader) and have been involved with bad happenings for decades now. why havnt they been caught? bin laden and his followers need a smart bomb delivered to them but no, gay marriage and the death tax seem to be more important. go figure. anyway, i continue my rant againts the republicans. people should know not all americans are not greedy and evil like the republicans. thats what its all about, thier goddamn money. dont think for a minute that they are going to heaven when they die. they carry thier bibles like a weapons and god will punish them for that. for now all i can do is try to change the minds of people who think a republican is a good thing. these snake-oil salesman need to be driven from the temple, so to speak. vote america and vote these republican bastards out!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

right-wing republicans are an odd mix of robber barons and hillbilly bible thumpers. democrats have their kooks too but they dont seem as evil as republican right-wingers as far as public policy is concerned. democrats are the lesser of the two evils, for sure. republican right-wingers care more about gay marriage than war or disease and they dont want to pay taxes even when the nation is being threatened by terrorism and natural disasters. its just too wierd. bush and the republicans are telling lies but the american public seems to be okay with it. people claim that bush's polls are low but remember that the numbers at the polls can still elect bush in an election. that is why i beg people not to vote for nader (or any other lefty kook) because we must vote these republicans out of office at all costs. lets face it, the white house is HQ for the robber barons and they are robbing this great nation of its wealth. their public policy sucks, period. republicans are no friend of the soldier or veteran. republicans advocate cuts in benefits to veterans and bush even cut combat pay to service members overseas and reinstated the pay only after public outcry. the right-wing republican neocons lied about the WMDs in iraq as well as the number of troops needed to secure iraq. i know, i was there and they screwed all of us with their inept leadership. i always talk to my republican friends about iraq. if i can get just one republican to vote democrat i helped do my part to better the world. some republicans are good people, they just need to know just how evil the the republican right is. we know the left can be just as evil but the left does not have the power and money like the right in these trying times. i remember making a promise to myself to continue my rant against the evil republicans even after i returned from the war in iraq. i consider myself a patriot, more so than other people i know. i am a marine, a soldier and i am infantry all the way. i served in combat with the special forces during operation enduring freedom and my ancestors founded this nation. yes, i believe i am more of a patriot than any tax cheating right wing republican. if republicans are so patriotic why dont they enlist in the army and pay thier taxes? they suck as americans, that's why!

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