Wednesday, December 31, 2003

hi babe!the net is soooo slow now,i dont know what the problem is but it
took me almost a hour to get to log in and reply to your last message.i
cant read your mail tonight,it takes to long to pull up.it may be several
days or even weeks befor i can e-mail again just due to the fact the net is
so slow now and i may have only an hour or two to get in and check mail.ill
send some snail mail,i can write faster than i can type anyway(i cant type
on these lap tops,my fingers are too big)you already know i feel the same
way you do.now,if we could only start our life together.nothing new to
report here.they are still talking late *** as a depart date from here.when
we can leave kuwait,i still have no idea.i better send,someone is waiting
to use this pc(good luckLOL!)you know i love you so much,just keep that in
mind,please babe!ill e-mail you when i can...love...your husband...m...

hi babe!jumped over to another pc that was already on-line and ***popped up
fast for me.i wont be able to e-mail you as much now simply because of my
schedule here and the fact that as more troops come in,the slower the net
gets.i have made up my mind about the military though.i cant risk this
happening to me again.i have never,in all my years, been extended against
my will like this. i dont care how good the benefits are or what rank they
offer me,i am getting out for good.i can only think of us now and dont want to
run the risk of us ever having to be apart.our lives together are too important
now to risk any seperation,even for a short while.i am even going to forget
about contract work that will take me away from you for more than a week or
two(even if the pay is good)like i said,i made up my mind years ago that i
would live life my way despite money and other factors so i want to be with
you,thats what life means to me now.its hard enough on us now,having to be
apart.we should pledge never to let this happen to us again.i know that often
the lure of money or simply boredom(for some couples)can lure people astray
but lets not let that happen to us.lets stick to our guns and stay
together,as one.no matter what.well,i better send.i dont want to risk
this letter,love you babe...your husband....m...ps...im feeling better
but can only think of home(and you,of course!)and that brings me
down.pss...they keep pushing our departure date back.looks like late ***
before we can get out of here.same w/kuwait.no one knows anything.they are
going to send more reserves and guard overseas so you can see why it is
important for me to get out.the unit that was supposed to replace us was
sent to *** and another *** unit(******) is going to ****.looks like
they are going to bring back the draft and start sending even more active
troops overseas.i dont know if that bill has come to the floor yet but
there are rumours it will pass if it does.we can only pray *** does not get re-
elected but it looks like he will now,according to the new polls.oh
well,such bad news(boo-hoo)no more ps ‘s ...

Monday, December 29, 2003

december 27,2003
hi babe!
i dont have much to report on this side of things(no
news is good newsLOL!)im at a
safe checkpoint and morale in the unit is high.i got alot of complements on my
party(i did put alot of work into that)it went well except the pizza was
late.my unit was on tv,that was fun to watch.we provided security for the
wwe smackdown in baghdad event.i was surprised to learn that sabel,one of
the women wrestlers,was over forty!i got a t-shirt from her ill give to
you.i never collected much when i was in the military before but i am bound
to collect things this time around!it also reminds me of you to have some
of these things.well,thats all for now.im going back to the barracks for
some medicine and some much needed rest.yes,i dream you are beside
me,your long arms and legs there to touch and admire.i see your sweet face
on my wall near my bunk each nite and it just drives me crazy that we cant
be together.find your true soulmate,then to be separated from her is pure
hell.i dont want to bother you w/that kind of talk but it does hurt me so
bad that i cant touch or just
be with you.life is so cruel at times.anyway,i better sign off,i dont want
to get too soapy but never doubt my love for you.youve hooked me so bad
w/your letters alone,i just know we are meant for each other...love you
soooo bad...your husband...m..

Friday, December 26, 2003

hey babe!im so glad you got my package!be sure to tell c. we’ll want the
back bedroom(im sure thats what she means)we’ll use my room as a study,of
sorts.we wont be there long but i told her we may stay for awhile and help
out w/things.well clean out the garage for her because thats where we will
store some of our stuff,etc.she is overwhelmed w/the house,her sick mom
and the dif. jobs.well spend our time looking for and getting set up in our
new place and we have a wedding to plan for so i imagine we will be busy
enoughLOL!not to mention the fact we may "part time it "at the ***
and *** to stay up on the cash even though im saving almost all my pay
at this point.they did screw me on my last pay even though both senators*** and
***(ive met both)said they were working on the problem but now the money
is being put back in my account even as i type(according to my
banker)but for the most part i just want to spend time w/you doing
all the things weve talked about for
so long(in and out of bedLOL!)well have such fun,theres so much to do in
*** and like you i would enjoy a long camp out w/the horses as well as a
night or two on the townLOL.well,the duty is not bad.i keep a ***and
they let us keep a fire going in a burn barrel,not to mention the fact that
it is very calm here at night(less gun-fire than at home evenLOL!)well,the
net is screwing up some now so i better send.like i said,my e-mail will be
shorter and further apart just due to the fact that duties are changing and
it could become pure chaos here at some point in timeLOL!ive asked the
leadership not to panic over our move but i used to be an officer so i know
how the stress can be.i even stress a little knowing i need you back from
*** safe and sound and i want our life to be perfect here on the ground
LOL!well,bye for now love...your husband...ps...got your coffee!will cook
some fire side tonight...pss...love you soooo much babe...

Friday, December 19, 2003

hi babe!im back!ive got the midnight shift so it is real hard to get to
the e-mail.dont worry if you dont hear from me for long periods of time,our
duty roster is a mess because of all the comings and goings.good news is
they say we are leaving baghdad in early *** and should be in *** in
late ***.bad news is they have messed up my pay(and others) for the second
pay period in a row(dont worry though,i have plenty put back).i am telling
people i am keeping all my army equipment issued to me(including night
vision)until they resolve the the issue so we could have some fed tax
problems in the future.i will consult a lawyer or accountant and on that
issue.im not the only one w/problems(this is why i quit the army years
ago)others in the bn have the same issues.word is they over paid us and now
they are taking it back.i cant believe they would do this to us right before
the holidays!i cant believe,a wealthy nation like the U.S. would treat its
poor foot soldiers this way.first
thay extend us past our original orders then they stick us w/a pay
cut.needless to say the guys in the unit are furious and are not happy
campers at this point in time.like i said,im keeping my army issue(its the
only way i can collect from the army at this point in time.let them try to
make me pay for it...ha!)do me a favour and let every one you
can know what they are doing to us and

how they are treating us(after all weve been through!)be sure to post this.
you know now that at this point in time it is hard to think of
anything but you.only ***months and i will be free from this hell
and by your side.start heading this way.stay in touch w/c. so you can
start sorting and sending.we will take advantage of her place while we
can. we will communicate about the dif. issues as we go
along.it would sure help if i could be home first to manage things.im so glad
youre not going to your moms!i didnt want to say anything but we can(and
will visit her anytime)we can put her up at a nice place should she decide
on attending the wedding.i have several people who want to best
men,already.yes,this is looking more like it could turn into a "company"
reunion/party but that is okay because we would have some help w/things.ive
lost touch w/some of my *** friends so feel free to monitor *** and
respond to anyone who i may really know(remember,those spammers are
trickyLOL)thanks for dealing w/the spam.it clogs my e-mail,preventing me
from retrieving my real mail when time is short.well babe,its back to the
salt mines.ive got just enough time to write to you,make chow and get back
to the checkpoint.i love you so much.cant believe you stuck by me through
this living hell of a life.ill owe you the rest of my life(just let me
prove it!)soon we’ll be one,united in
our life and all will be well,i can feel it in my bones!love you
babe...ps...yes ill take a photo of the bearsLOL!...pss...do me a
favour(because i dont have the time)but write to senator ***'s
office and tell them about the problems my unit is having(too few soldiers
for duty,pay problems and an extension of orders that we dont
understand)make sure he knows how unhappy we are about our treatment as
guardsman and reservists.you have all the info you need to write his
office(ie,unit,problems,location,etc)tell them they can contact me via
e-mail(or visit my site for address)if they like but my time w/the pc is
very limited(the *** has already done a story or two on
the subject of pay and extensions but you may want to contact them as
well.you can tell them they are still screwing us pay
wise!)...psss...lordy,i love you and long for the day we can be
together,dont ever doubt that for a minute...your husband...m....(its so
hard to say good-bye,even on
the pcLOL!love you babe...

Monday, December 15, 2003

hi babe!yes,i hope the rolex makes it.it is wrappedin my fav brown
t-shirt and a new shirt i bought for you.x-mas will have to wait for us(i
have some gifts in mindLOL)they told us to start packing the other day and
to send unwanted items home.way ahead of them babe,did that last week.the
battalion commander stopped by the other day with a christmas tree so i
figure well be here at least that long.interesting morning.i helped the
bc,co and 1st sgt put the tree up.the bc made the 1st sgt wear a funny hat
with bells on it and pose for photosLOL!i know he didnt like it(the 1st
sgt) but what can you say to the bn commander?anyway morale is up now that
we know we are on the way out.everyone says hi and some are already
planning on going to our wedding(a few have bought gifts already).its going
to be a big one from the looks of things.i thought we would spend more on
our wedding reception and maybe go camping for our honey-moon,if that
sounds good to you(even if its a might
chilly at the timeLOL)we can talk over all those things later.we will spend
alot of time just getting down to business,etc.im flexible(at least i like
to think soLOL)so dont stress over anything,just start planning to head
this way.c. is ready to start recieving mail from us.ill mail a few
things from kuwait but its your stuff well have to start gathering
up(ie,items from ***,*** and your cats)we'll celebrate everything we
missed by being overseas this spring and summer.how i look forward to being
with my other half.its all i think about now,our new lives together.as they
say in PI."i love you,no shit!"LOL!the net is fast tonight but i have duty
the next two nights so i might not get back to you in awhile.its not too
bad.we're in a secure area with mostly military traffic so there is little
risk of danger,at this point.
we can have a fire so we stay as warm as we
can(those socks are unreal!)i wash those items myself because i dont want
to risk them in the regular service.
i wont send much in the way of snail mail just due to the fact that by
the time it reaches you we may be on our way home.i just sent a box of your
letters home the other day.unreal!you wrote so much it filled an entire
box!unreal!i love you babe.im so proud of your long letters(it blows the
guys minds!LOL!)anyway,boo-boo the teddy has joined the other bears in the
squad on top of the tv set near my bunk.hes still with-in sight but i could
not keep him from "hanging" w/"the guys"LOL.i will make a point of keeping
him close altough the clasp on his little box wore out some time ago.like
you,i think of nothing but our future together.how odd that one life can
change so fast!we're going to be the perfect team and although we're not the
material type something tells me we will have all that we need in life.im
also very lucky to have you and dont think i don'tknow that.i owe you big time
for staying w/me through all this crappola.you could have hooked up with
any number of guys but you
sought me out, held tight,how i admire you for that!i remember when we first
started talking before i deployed and i almost broke it off(our
communications)because i had such a thing for you.my heart was broken.you
had contacted me but you were married and living in *** at the time so i
thought i had just another"dead end". how wrong i was!you jumped right on me
when i wrote telling you"this and that"so i knew then and there that you
were special,something more than just a "pen-pal"i feel so lucky now that
you are in my life(at long last"and that both the "love"and"lust"are there
for us.) like you said,as a team we are naturals and will fit perfect in the
scheme of things.we want the same things out of life and that is so
important for such a good start.well,i better send(i always say that half
way through the letterLOL).stay in touch w/c. now that our time together
is just around the corner(less than ***?)i really do need to
be home first.its so important that i
have everything ready for you!i want to be there to take care of your
cats(ill treat them like their my own,of course),your stuff,etc.we also
need to address other issues that i will now have the time to look into
***,etc. we wont rush things.i know you need
to ***and we can work all that stuff out too,im sure.we dont want
to fall into the same trap that other couples get into("oh,we'll just die if
we dont do this and that!").we have the *** trip,honeymoon and visits to
family and freinds(even mine,like ***)but i think our first year together
can be just getting our wagons in a circle and taking it slow and easy and
still get all of that other stuff done too. do need our own place so we
should take our time on that one because a nice place is easy to have in
*** if you take the time to look into it.it does
look like c.'s for awhile
anyway,so lets take advantage of that.(its not a bad place and we'll put our
heads together on that and other issues.we can leave *** ,at some point
in time but landin good employment in one of our"chosen"spots will be key
to that,of course.you seem to know me fairly well and that is sort of
spooky(but so cool too!)ill make the best husband youve ever had,i know
it.of course,i can protect and provide for you but you can always call the
shots if you like because i feel that is so imortant to your(our)well
being.like i said a million times,im so lucky to have you...love you...your

Friday, December 12, 2003

hi babe!the net is so fouled up!ive been trying to reach you for days!it
takes up to a half hour just to go from page to page.anyway,i love you for
being there for me.i may not e-mail for awhile because of the problems
w/duty and connections but im with you heart and soul all the time.we're on
our way home!they are moving us as soon as they can.we may be out of
theatre as early as ***(who knows?)but it is official,we're on our way
out,thank god(although winter in in *** does not appeal to me(esp.
w/out you!))i would rather winter it here but no one else wants to!LOL!the
important thing is i will be off line for awhile so i dont want you to
worry.my guard post is very secure and i am dealing with military traffic
most of the time.i love the the clothes you sent.i dont even turn them into
the regular service.ill wash them by hand w/warm water and hand soap(im
taking no chanchesLOL!)anyway,tonight i wear the socks,they work better
than anything ive ever tried.well,i better send,
the net is so fouled up they cant even finish their work here in the
office.love you babe(i have so much to tell you but it will have to
wait)...love...your husband...m...ps...im way ahead of you on the
t-shirt thing!your rolex is wrapped in my favorite brown t-shirt plus i
bought you a new black t-shirt...

Thursday, December 11, 2003

hi babe!so glad you check this mail too.the mil. mail is real slow
tonight.some guys just came in so i got the pc s up and going for them but
they are going to other servers as well.you and i,we think so alike.i took
a long walk the other night and thought about how nice it would be if we
were walking together,hand in hand..i'm with some
good people here babe but i want to be by your side so bad!we're going to
have such a great time when we do get home in ***.well do some neat
things like sailing,riding and going to a party or bar now and then.we'll have a
great time pulling our stuff together and making a temp. home for us to
our future attack on the world at largeLOL!i want so bad to be next to
at long last have a you by my side in bed (where the sky is the limit)i get
so damn horny sometimes but i just keep telling myself the day will come
when that wont be an issue,not when were togetherLOL!anyway,as i told you
my other letter the hives are gone.i shed my old skin(im washing
and i now have the nicest looking skin ive ever seen.i worry little about
those sorts of things.its what i get for bathing in canals and going
local.they still dont know what they are going to do with us yet.we are
switching duties around so there is a good chance ill get back to working
more with the iraqis.nothing against americans but im getting tired of the
same old faces and want to get outside these walls again for
i said before,thanks for the clothes.you send the right things,thats for
(youre so smart,i love smart women you know lol!)you know i also feel lucky
have my dream girl now(ive always had a thing for the tomboy type but i
tall,smart and prettyLOL!)and i cant believe you have stuck with me through
all of this.we do have alot to look forward to and i guess that keeps us
going.i imagine us doing so many things together.we can explore each others
pastimes and enjoy doing it together,for real.i picture us working in the
garden,having long walks,wrestling around,going out on the town with
(and new freindsLOL).my everyday now is centered on what we'll do when life
really starts for us. i remember you so well,its unreal.you were by
far the cutest and most pretty girl i knew.i guess our age difference might
have had something to do with us not connecting at that time in our lives
i cant wait to show you that old photo of you!i cant wait to show you all
old albums w/photos.i think you'll learn alot about me and you will have
questions that i can answer on the spot.one of the first things we will do
sit down and look through those albums,its so important.we've got more than
one common hobby,it seems.photography!we'll hold off on buying cameras but
we'll explore that area for sure.we may want to try our luck selling some at
the ****.c. and others have talked about it but never followed
through.i think we have the type of stuff that just might sell.i wish i had
more time on the net to check out your sites(and others)but with this slow
ass system and my time hack im lucky to have e-mail.well,reckon id better
send now(thars a *** word fer ya!LOL!)you know now im so hooked on you.i
never expected this in my life(thought id be one of
those"uncles"w/the "c"bag and the "p"coat that just visits for the holidays
and then off to another land(of course i figured that as a child as
but someone at chow today mentioned how lucky i was to have been able to
it out and meet my real mate!i couldnt believe my ears.some people think us
*** types can be real dumb but i think people who know people know
better.hey,thought i was going to sendLOLwell,i cant say good-bye to you(i
know it will be that way when we hook-up and i dont mind.if we have to
time glued together for the time being than so be it(but i dont think i
to follow you into the ladies roomLOL))!well,let me read some more of your
snail mail and now that my hands are healed i will write some serious
(what-ever those areLOL)love you babe(thanks for being mine)...your

Sunday, December 07, 2003

hi babe,
my hives are going away,slowly but like a snake i am now shedding
skin(odd)my skin is very nice(as you will see for yourself(LOL!)the phones
and internet are a mess.dont panic if you dont here from me for awhile(im
also pulling extra duty trying to get the guys in my squad some time
off. stay in touch w/***.she could use your words of wisdomLOL!i received
your clothes today.nice.your smart,i like what you sent and i will wear the
socks tonight.stood in the rain all last night(but had some "treats"to help
me through that ordeal.its such a dumb check point,the "anal"rules and
all.im making my own rules at this point(i know who belongs and who
doesnt)they get mad at me when i let nationals in that dont have all the
passes but then they moan and cry when their hot water goes out or shitters
dont get pumped(go figure)post what i say if you like(even about ***)i
just dont care anymore.print anything i send,im not giving out any real
secrets and im not in the military to stay,anyway.
my attitude now is the hell with them all.theyve messed up our pay
again.theyve messed up our redeployment dates(for the third time)it seems
they cant get anything right anymore.thats cool though,just as long as they
dont stick it to me for my mistakes(whats good for the goose is good for
the gander).i love your long letters.you know ill be true to you and you can
pretty much count on me as far as your questions go.im an open kind of
person and bit by bit you will weed out a few of the kwirks and kinks and
we can deal with our issues in a loving way.anyway,thats what i get from
your side of things.we all have a few skeletons in our closet but mine are
far and few between.the e-mail here is so hit and miss that im afraid to
write long letters to you(ive lost a few)i hate writing snailmail because
i know it will take a month or two to reach you and some how that just
takes a lot out of the meaning.we have the e-mail and we have so much in
common im not afraid of our relationship
not working.i just want to be with you to prove my worth and assure you
im ready for this big change in our lives.im easy.what i mean is,im not
afraid to take charge and protect you but im also the type of person that
will do what you want me to do if you want it bad enough.that is why
comminications and the like in a relationship are so important.i fell for
you decades ago so i know im in love,now its just making a life
together.all i think about is us being together,thats why this war is so
frustrating.i was more than willing to come over here and do my part but its
obvious that the powers that be have dropped the ball and everyone knows
it.its funny how i get cheers from locals when i hold up my thumb and
shout"*** sucks!"lol.but i cant blame everyone.the army does its best
to take care of us and there are some great people here trying to do their jobs but
you know the old saying"crap roles down hill"anyway,ran into an old arab
friend of mine the other day.we greet in the traditional
arab way so some soldiers gave me an odd look but thats just how
things are done here.he is discouraged with the run-around he gets on post
and his nieghbors dont like the the gi s in their nieghborhood(they are
stupid,he says)i wish they would give the people here more freedom and let
more people in country to help locals out but like i said earlier,the
bone-heads at the top of the ladder keep dropping the tools on our heads.i
do understand why they want to stick to their guns,at this point but we
all know there has to be some middle ground(somewhere). in our relationship
we will strive for that ground and we will meet our needs,im sure.well,i do
have some snailmail for you now that my hands are healed from "god knows
what attacked me"underneath my pretty skin returns(so have no fear)im in
the best shape ever(tan,lean and feeling younger all the time)im ready to
spend the winter here because *** winters are so bad and i also
know i cant be with you until
*** anyway.i want to go back and read some more of your letters before
i start sending more snailmail(i keep forgetting to write everything i want
to say in my snailmail to you)ill seal the envelope and then remember
something i should have said.once again,i may not get this chance at e-mail
so be patient if you dont hear from me.im sure things will calm down after
the holidays.i know you are and i cant believe youve stuck with me through
all this.i like your messages in your letters so i know you will like me
and right now thats what matters most.im sure i can be the man you want me
to be and i wont have to change much to "go there",if you know what i
mean(LOL).shit babe,better send now,the nets
acting-up(chow,"treats"(heh-heh)and another long night of duty awaits
me.dont worry about my safety,im good at that part of being a soldier.im a
great shot but what will keep me safe and sound for you will be just good
old common sense,my wits and staying alert(while relaxing when i
can)(LOL)love you babe...your husband...m...ps...after i re-read your
snailmail ill write back(i want my letters to address more of your

Saturday, December 06, 2003

hi babe,hives are going away(slowly)and we are being worked to death.i had
to go back to work so some of the guys could catch a break.they took my
down time real well so its catch up time.i will have little time for anything
else.got "boo-boo"the teddy today(as i have named him)unreal how a lot of
the guys here have such items(LOL)wives and girlfriends?anyway,i will
e-mail you later when i have more time and now that my hands are healed ill
get off some snail mail.you were in my dreams the other night(finally!)we
shared a tiny apartment with two other couples(ugh!)you know i never dream
about people,only places most of the time.(in the past i have looked for you
in these places but we have never connected)there were three dreams.one
with you and the second two involved cars(weird)and other people i
know.anyway,i have to run(its so hectic here now,ill e-mail when i
can!promise!)love you babe...your husband...m

Thursday, December 04, 2003

november 30,2003
i am okay but the doctor just told me i am going to the hospital so we may
lose touch for awhile. dont worry,ill get in touch w/u as soon as i can.love
you babe for being there. got your soups! perfect timing! im using the clinic pc
so i better send and get packed(love you so much!)...your husband...m

same day
i love you too babe! im fine, just itchy. the rash is getting worse. too bad it
wont get me home but it might get me to germany! i just hope it doesnt reach
my faceLOL. they say they have e-mail at the baghdad hospital so ill try to stay
in touch. im waiting to be picked up now(im at the office now,just had a hot
shower) so ill keep this message short.i love you so much babe, cant believe
my luck(having you for a wife!) and cant wait until were together and can
really click togetherLOL!of course ill push your buttons
anyday,anytime...love...your husband...m...ps...your the best thing to
happen to me and im not bullshiting(how would i get you into bed now

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

november 28,2003
hey babe!im back!!!!!i went to sick call for my hives and they gave me
steroids and put me on bed rest.i went back today for a reavaluation and i
still have the hives but i had the doctor change my "quarters" status so i
would not be confined to the barracks.i was so frustrated,i couldnt get to
your e-mail!i couldnt take a hot shower because we havent had hot water in
weeks and i shower here.yes,i am the close type too!i dont have "space"when
it comes to you babe(its the attraction thing!)i know for a fact that when
people push you away at any time for any reason that some(or all)of the
love must be lost in the relationship.anyway,back to the hives thing...im a
free man!no duty,no quarters!i do what i want,go where i want and when i
wantLOL!the doctor is a special forces colonel who had the hives when in
afghanistan and said he knew what life was like for me.i will re-eval again
in a few days and they may send me to the hospital for some tests if this
stuff does not heal
i would love to go to germany again but they have a
full-size hospital here in baghdad now(where i would not want to be
stuckLOL!)anyway,your letters touched me.i keep wondering what life would
have been like had we hooked up in the old days.oh well,no sense dwelling
on the past.bet we would have made it.bet we would have had everything we
needed.something tells me that although we are not the material type we
would be well-off.oh well,those are just some thoughts to throw at my other
half.its important that my soulmate knows what im thinking.im not one for
secrets.i often tell things to people that other people would never dream
of telling another person.
well,better send....love you
babe(sending)...your husband...m...ps...im going to send you that ***
now that my hands are 'free'...

november 24,2003
oooooh,you have no idea how i love to hear those words from you!youre my
babe alright!your the reason i havnt gone insane here(you know that)i look
at your photos everyday(theyre on my wall)and think about how lucky i am to
have you there for me.someday,we will be one(in all waysLOL!!!)gotta run
tonight so its a short message but i had a few minutes so i ducked in here
for a message of encouragement from you.god,how ive fallen for you!no
e-mail for the next few days but ill try to work something out to get back
in touch w/you. got the hives, (havent had those since i was a kid.no bother,it
does not bother me one bit (odd,i know) just itchy red bumps,no stress!love
you babe,thinking of you always...your husband,m...ps....
ever heard of marriage by proxy?a jag guy said we could do
that.oh well,just a thought(LOL)...love ya....m...

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