Wednesday, August 27, 2003

august26,2003 e-mail
of course i'm yours! nothing could change that now, nothing!
i hope that doesnt sound corny but i mean what i say, that is,
what you see (read) is what you get!lol! i'm not rich or big
or strong but i am yours. everything i have said to you is the
truth and when we grow together you will learn i am such
a horrible liar. i'm just not very good at lying, and if that
is the reason i'm not rich, then so be it. again another short
letter my lass, i'm wanted at another meeting but the net
is fast tonight so i will make it. yes, j. knows where i am
but i have not heard from her in a while and am somewhat
worried about her. i am sure the rest of the family knows by now.
she will be the only family member to attend the wedding
unless you say otherwise. c. wants to help with the reception.
we can look over these ideas later, it doesnt have to be costly.
i also have a very amusing story to tell you about, (i will explain later)
it involves a little revenge on a very mean sgt.LOL! i better go
ahead and sign off here, there is so much i want to say (and do to you!)
i'll just have to wait to get back to the net (and you get home!)
i also want to get some snailmail out to you. i think of you so much
now it drives me crazy. most of the guys know i am getting married.
i cant believe it has been so long and i cant believe its you i'm with!
such an interesting world, (i knew there was a reason i stayed single)
love you babe, better sign out, i hate being in a rush, that is why no
matter what happens, when you get stateside we should plan some lazy
down time togetherLOL! love...m
hello my dearest love,
once again i wanted to send you an e-mail but the
net was down! what i really want to do now is hold you in my
arms. what i really want to know is if my snailmail is getting
to you! without e-mail i have no way of knowing. for sgt. it is
no problem. he puts his stuff on floppy and then uploads it
when the net is running. he can record his messages as well,
then read them and send them later. i have no such luxury
but i may try to set the pc up i'm using to do that. i don't want
to use up his time, the net is so unreliable.
things are going badly in iraq now. the u.s. is making a big mess
of things. my iraqi friends tell me that in basra (and in baghdad)
there is little or no water or power. some people are in a state
of riot. i hope they don't use that as an excuse to keep us here.
if they do, i may throw some rocks myself (and the iraqi people
will not be my target!) youre always in my thoughts now, i do
hope you want to come and stay with me. its hard to ask that of
you considering you have been married so long, i do see that as a
good sign, you would make a great wife and best friend. i just
wish you were here for me to hold you, somehow, i think that
is what you need. keep sending the e-mail, i will try every night
to open your mail and not a single day goes by when i dont
think of you! thank god you're back in my life! wish we were together!
love..m p.s. i recieved my combat infantry award the other day and
my college degree is now printed and on the way! love you babe...m
august9,2003 snailmail
hey babe,
your letters are right on the money, i feel the same way
you do! by the way, i am the kind of guy who loves to hold hands,
you'll never have a problem with me (being close). i love your
letters to me, you dont know how much they mean to me.
you will get lots of snailmail from me now that i am not using
the e-mail regularly ( i'll still get a message out to you from
time to time but remember i'm using someone else's pc.)
they are talking*** about going home so i hope it sticks.
you'll have to excuse my penmanship and spelling, i'm***
the iraqis give*** to me, they know how miserable i am here.
they are really good people. it's too bad the army doesnt
know what the fuck they are doing. some people in my unit
might hate me next month, i wrote a letter to the editor of***
comparing the u.s. to nazi germany. i was told it would probably
be printed. a guy from my bat. (who has never even been in combat)
wrote a letter calling the democrats the 'enemy' because they
didnt support the war. to make a long story short,
i reminded him that my ancestors founded this nation,
(both my grandmothers were D.A.R.) and that after serving
in the marine corps and army airborne (as an officer)
i did not like the idea of being called the 'enemy'. i also mentioned
the constitution,democracy and two party system. i also reminded
him that while he was living it up in kuwait, i am patroling
the streets of baghdad (i'm infantry now, not a pogue!) he
sounded like hitler!
you dont have to worry about me not liking you, i've fallen for
you big time! i know we like the same sort of things and can spend
a lot of time together. yes, i've always liked the tomboy types,
who knows why but if you like to wrestle, ride horses, hike or
sail a boat you'll always be tops in my book! i also enjoy growing
things and cooking so i know there are things you like to do
that i will enjoy as well. i would never complain about you drinking
beer and if you are sick i will lie in the bed with you. i am the kind of
guy who is attached to his girl. well, better sign off babe, ***
is kicking in! love...m...love you babe!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2003

yes babe, got to read this letter for
the first time. when we are together we will have
each other and others wont matter so much! we will
be such a couple! i am so glad i never hooked up
with anyone else, (came close). i'm so glad i am with you
now, such luck (or fate!) better go now, love you so much babe.
tell your family hi for me. i'm starting to tell people our
plans, (have some cakes in the oven, have some ideas to run by you
but that can be done via snailmail.) i'll be good in germany
and keep in touch w/you while i'm there...
love you for being here for me babe, still can't get over it...
love you babe...m
august 24,2003
now i cant get my military mail to open! these computers
are crazy (lucky to have it though, these people treat
me like one of thier own). getting a lot of congrats
on the fire fight, dont know why shooting at trees would be so
important!LOL i love you so much but i dont want to say that
over and over again, i'm afraid the stupid net will go down
at any time (the military mail must be filling up!)
i think about you everyday now and count the months
(months!?!) till we will be together. i have so much to
talk to you about but i'll save it for snailmail. (snailmail
only takes about eight days to the states but almost a month
to you. well, i'll try my mil. account, if i can get through
i will write more. love the girl i've had a crush on for the
longest time! cant believe we are together (sort of via
an ocean or two lol!) love...m

Friday, August 22, 2003

of course i'll marry you! looks like we will have to wait
till i get home and we can IM and talk on the phone
to make real plans. i'm sure you already have ideas,
i.e., what to bring home, how to ***. bring art work,
(there's always room for that). gave your toys to some
iraqi children today, hope you dont mind ((note:of course not!
that is why i sent toys!)) they have so little.
i dont want to scare you babe, but i got in a fire fight today.
we were escorting some trucks when we heard gunfire. i went
forward to check it out (its my job) when i was fired on.
another soldier came forward and we returned fire and the
bad guys left. i remember what you said about being safe
babe, so i will keep that in mind, i promise! i want to see you so
bad (that means i have to be aliveLOL!) because of you i will
take no risks, i promise! start saving some coins that are***
if you can. i always save coins from countries i visit but i
never brought any back from there for some reason.
i may not be able to e-mail for a while due to the fact
the net is so messed up, not because i am on a mission.
it takes a long time logging on to the military account,
another reason i didnt want to bother sgt. w/his pc.
just be patient, i'm writing more snailmail as well.
i'm turning down any missions as i promised! i better
get off here babe, i'm afraid this net may go down.
better send now...love you babe...m

Thursday, August 21, 2003

whoa! some serious problems with the mail!
i havent recieved any mail in over a month now!
the last mail i recieved was from you, months late.
i have no idea what is going on but i was hoping
we could use snail mail more to communicate.
i do check my e-mail from time to time so be sure to
include anything important in the subject line in case
i dont have time to open your mail.
some of the pc's are so slow it may take 10 or 20
minutes to open a letter. i can delete spam (and there
is less now) but that can take a while as well. none of c.'s
packages have made it at all! i believe she may be lying
to me about sending mail at all. the post office said they would
contact me if there is a problem with a package.
i have sent you a number of letters containing gifts
so be sure to e-mail if you recieve and use the subject line!
anyway, it looks like we may get to go home in ***!
the public is raising hell at home! the u.s. is really
fucking things up over here and a lot of the troops
are expressing thier views in public. (especially the
3rd infantry division who is really getting screwed).
a lot of troops are talking quitting and not coming back.
it's a shame, i may quit with only a few years to retire
but i can't risk another deployment like this one.
well, hope you get this letter, like i said, i don't know
what's wrong. the phone and e-mail service is really
bad here so we need the mail. i hope all is well with you!
you know you are on my mind all the time and i am
really hoping for a future with you in my life.
i've never been that way (really!) but something
about you really gets to me!
well, i hope this letter makes it, you know i can't wait to see you...

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

august4,2003 snailmail
hey love!
just a kwik note to let you know i'm thinking of you.
i'm looking for a new internet connection, maybe
by the time this letter reaches you i will have found one.
sgt's connection was too unreliable. the net goes down or you
lose all your text. he is also a blogger and a chat room person
and that sort of thing is addictive. my thing is surfing. i hit the news
groups and news articles looking for information of value.
(i have little time for 'chit-chat', get a life people!) anyway,
maybe by the time this reaches you i will have internet again.
in this infantry unit, we patrol and provide security for the place,
run patrols (in the 116 degree heat!) and man the checkpoints.
i do have contact with the enemy from time to time but mostly
i just wave at them. if they dont point a weapon at me, i dont
respond. some of the guys i work with are pretty cruel. they will
shoot at anything that moves which includes dogs, cats, and birds.
i dont understand it but i guess some of the creatures are better off dead,
around here anyway (most are strays). if someone shot my dog
i must admit, i'd have to kill them.(i dont have a pet here but feed
some stray cats from time to time, i dont want them to get used to
people). that may be one reason i am not opposed to war. getting
rid of people on a mass scale just does not bother me like maybe it should.
by the way, we are going to***, it is just a matter of time. i think
*** is going to get the ***. they are now massing***in***,
preparing for an attack. thanks to clinton, this information they cant
keep from the public, with my sat. radio and internet i can get info from
anywhere in the world. this is something the good ole republicans
tried to block. unless they jam shortwave radio, they cant stop that either.
anyway, on the lighter side of things i am sure looking forward to
our meeting, working and playing together. we will make the best of
our time no matter how long you stay (forever i hope!) i should be
home and settled by the time you arrive. i sure live for the day we
can be together. it does give me something to look forward to.
start thinking of things you want to do. we'll plan later. i'm starting
some investments in precious metals while the price is low,
(with bush in office tearing everything out of the ground the prices
will be low but eventually supply will run low and metals like gold and
silver will go up. well, they have turned the lights out, so better
retire for the night. my iraqi friends say 'hi'. i hope you keep me in your heart
and remember i am thinking of you all the time! love you babe!...m

Monday, August 18, 2003

august 2,2003
greetings my love! too bad i dont have the e-mail
thing anymore, it was such a hassle anyway. we have
our big screen tv (cable) working now but all the guys want to watch
is porno.it sucks (no pun intended!) i just cant get turned on watching
some other guys dick go in and out!LOL! maybe i could
watch some girls getting it on, but not the guys!
please excuse my sloppy penmanship and spelling.
i found some*** and i'll keep looking for anything
that will make me feel better. c. was supposed to send some
more packages to me but they never made it. she may have
lied to me, she has a habit of doing that. anyway, i have cut
my payments down to ***a month.i think thats more than fair,
i'm tired of paying for her poor spending habits! it looks like
i may have my germany leave approved (i cant wait!)
no whores, i promise, just some good time in the clubs.
i speak enough german to get by, 'was machen sie heuta abend?'
(what are you doing tonight?LOL) and i have some friends who live
there so i should be okay. we have about a week's leave. i've never
been before so i'm really looking forward to going.
they just turned the lights out in the barracks so they could see
thier porno better. there's a big difference between officers and enlisted
men for sure. enlisted men only talk about sex and sports, the officers
talk more about politics and world affairs. don't get me wrong, there
are some cool guys in my unit but being one of the only ones with
a college degree i feel out of place sometimes. ( i could care less about
nascar and tits.) i really wish i was an officer again, i would be in a better
class of people, for sure! anyway, my thoughts are on you these days.
i cant wait till ***. i cant wait to get out of this hellhole. the patrols
and checkpoint duty are getting on my nerves (so is the heat!) sure
miss you big time...love ya babe!...love...m

august 17.2003
couldnt open your message from bro letter,
send again. think about you every night before i go to bed.
(How nice it would be to have you with me there!) oh
well, i can only hope some day you will be there with me.
short letter tonight, (stupid pointless meeting) wish
i could spend my time here writing to you! love you babe!...m

Sunday, August 17, 2003

august 17,2003 1:07am
i wont volunteer babe! youre way too important to me!
consider me your husband please! (i've never felt a stronger bond!)
and god how i lust after you! you are such my type, there is no doubt
this will work! it is so nice to be able to talk to you again. i was afraid
i would have another stupid meeting. i hope you dont mind if i
use you as an excuse (i cant talk to her any other time, yadi yadi yadi!)
the weather is getting better and rumors are going around that we may
be going home earlier than planned. ( we are attached to the ***).
ask sgt. about them, they have been here the longest. the special forces
we were attached to have all gone home or other places.it's just not fair!
tell sgt. hi for me and that when i get time i will stop by. tell him thanks
for letting me use his pc but that i have a whole room of them now.
we'll make our plans soon. (god i want you here and now bad!)
must be something in the food, (i'm so... you know...) i better stop before
i go too far! love you big time! better go, shower, (no AC in this tentLOL)
p.s. they want to keep me in the reserves by offering me a job like sgt.'s
"imagine m., your own trailor!", they said to me. i'll think about it but
remember babe, we are a team and you have a say as well. anyway,
we'll talk later. love you...m

Saturday, August 16, 2003

august16,2003 7:46p.m.
hey babe! i hope you know you dont have to
just visit. the more i think about it the more i want you
to stay! (you used the word visit in one of your last letters).
i thought you might feel the way i do, that i want you to stay.
(i hope you do). anyway, this will be a short message, just
jumped on a friends computer in the office. i'm with you
what ever you want to do...love...m
p.s. i may not mail this eve. (i have some silly shit
to deal with around the barracks) p.s.s. if you say no more volunteer
for missions i will not volunteer! love you babe...m
august15 ,2003
you know i am so hip to the married thing!
i'd marry you in a heartbeat! (military talkLOL!)
i'm not letting another good one get away from
me again(i hope that doesnt sound bad!LOL)
this will be short (the net being so flaky and all)
love you so much babe! you are on my mind
so much now and i talk to the guys about you
maybe a little too much! your stuff is all over my walls,
god how i wish we were together but people have survived
this sort of thing before (i'm sure we will!) i'm
the lucky one to have you after all these years.
god, how i lusted after you in high school and you
are the same person today, you are so pretty!
well, better get off before the net gets flaky again.
hope this text makes it! love you big time!...m
august 15,2003
you know i feel the same way you do! we think alike!
i had a 'run in' with a colonel the other day (over a broken
water pipe!) looks like i may win this one! right in front
of my co-workers and an iraqi friend he said," i wish all iraqis
would be shot!" im not letting that one slide. if the military doesnt
doesnt get him, i may have my own plansLOL!
things sure are hot here but it looks more and more like
we are homeward bound***! i so look forward to meeting your
family. i'm an ocean person too so no problem there! i do
want our own place though it does not have to be a box
(or a palace either!) we do like the same artwork so
no issue there!LOL! how i long to be with you, i think
both of our lives will be so much better (is that selfish?)
we've work to do at first i suppose (ie, getting your things,
meeting people and telling them of our plans). you can meet***
she is the only one in my family i talk to but i have close
friends who are like family (remember i live in a 'hip'
college town!) i look forward to being in a 'room' alone
with you as well! guess we better plan a little vacation
before we do anything. i will call from germany
(if i go) and i will e-mail everyday from a cafe.
im so glad you got my charms. (they represent parts of
your life, etc.) well, its getting hot in the tent here babe!
im going to try to pull some strings with some iraqis
to get some AC out here, these people have been so
good to me letting me use thier pc's! i'll write back...
love you ...babe...(its so cool being yours now!) love...m

Friday, August 15, 2003

july 15,2003 snailmail
greetings babe! hey love! you know i just have to
sit down and write you a letter (after all the letters you sent me).
there are some things that cant be said in e-mail and i often
sit and talk politics with sgt. when i check my mail,
so there are distractions. being infantry, the guys do make fun of
the soldiers like sgt. they call them 'pogues' and dont respect
them because it often seems they have it so easy (ie, sgt. works
in a trailor, complete with a.c., internet, sat.t.v., phone, microwave, etc,).
anyway, find enclosed another 'trinket' (charm?) for your
necklace. i found it on the palace floor (who knows, maybe it
belongs to one of saddams concubinesLOL!) but i doubt it.
i did make it to some markets but i need to go when i have
more time, its not easy getting a ride around here, everyone is
afraid of being shot. i worry more about being run over!
these damn pogues and hajis with thier vehiclesLOL!
i did find some silver 'saddam' medals. they cost me***
for two but i figure that as a bargain. im looking at 'stuff'
or things for my safe deposit box at the bank. i am looking at retirement
at this time so i am beginning to invest that way. i guess i am starting late,
(but better late than never). im also going to do the e-bay thing when
i get home. c. and others have a multitude of junk to get rid of).
im going to try to avoid spending alot of money when i get home
but there are some things i have to have like an suv and a play station(LOL).
i want to put some money aside for our time together as well.
ive got some minor dental issues but my ins. should cover most of that.
anyway, it should work out, i have been pretty thrifty the last couple of years.
i hope you know whatever you want when you get here is fine with me.
we have so much to look forward to! i hope you know that i want to do
whatever it is you want to do. in other words, make whatever plans you like,
im with you. you know i consider myself very lucky! imagine meeting you after
all these years (i still remember the day you 'popped' in my mailbox).
the first thing i wanted to tell you was that i had a crush on you big time.
youre so pretty. i remember the years after that, thinking
of you from time to time. my idea of pretty is you and if you see some
of my ex-girlfriends, you will see. it is really fate you know, i had
just broken up with p. before you e-mailed. i thought that maybe
m. was hanging around with thoughts of getting back together again
but luck prevented that (once burned, twice shyLOL!) we had just started
talking online and i found i just didnt care about a relationship at the time.
m. called the house several times but i never returned her calls,
maybe meeting you again had something to do with that, who knows?
im always hoping you will come here forever but i know fate works
in many ways, i will have no objections to anything you want to
do, you can count on it! it is funny though that you worry about
earning a living here. would probably be easier doing that here
than in ***. you have options if you live in ***, a typical
college town. theres always the ***. my friend is thinking of opening
a second one and i might get to run that (i have no idea what the pay
is but i made *** working as an employee. i might stay in the reserves
because i want the retirement benefits (ill retire as an officer
because that is the highest rank i held) but im not sure i want to
run the risk of being deployed again (esp.if we are together!)
i thought about going to bosnia, that happens in ***.
anyway, i never liked dwelling on money issues, i guess
that is why i avoided my family and career like the plague.
i have it made and i live pretty good (except when i am deployed
to war!LOL!) so i never saw the need to settle down, so to speak.
i think its a blessing i never had children and you must feel the same
way (((posters note: yes, i do...wanderers are meant to help other
peoples kids )))
you ended up in***. i think that is so cool. it takes
a lot to make a move like that. back in '83 when i was stationed
in ***, i had a girlfriend from ***. she told me how hard it was to
make it in another country. i felt sorry for some of her friends who
didnt speak english very well, it could be hard to get by!
anyway, i am slowly picking up some arabic here. i have a translator
(computer type) on the way. i figured it would be worth it as im
spending a lot of time with iraqis here. i'll be here until*** so i wonder
how much i'll pick up. the mail is still so slow it may
be weeks before i get it. anyway, enough of me and this miserable place.
i often wonder how you are doing. i have dreams about you now
(i didnt at first) but we never get to meet! that is odd
(i hope it isnt an omen). maybe its just because we are apart?
no matter, youre in my dreams and that is important to me!
about our meeting, you know ive had the same fears (ie, too old,
too poor, too crazy, etc..) but i believe in letting nature take its
course. if its meant to be. i have such strong feelings for you
now there is no doubt in my mind and that just makes things
better and better, it makes life better. it keeps me sane
through times like this knowing i will soon be in heaven
in ***with you! well, love, maybe i will bring this letter
to a close and write more later. i so look forward to getting
your letters, ive kept them all (no kidding) i have every
single letter, its like artwork to me babe! love you so much,
ill hang on your every word...love...m
august 15,2003
e-mail subject: together forever!
hey babe! i could have written the same letter!
how odd about the girlfriend thing! i was just telling a friend
through snailmail that i'd found more than just a girlfriend.
(no doubt she will tell the others). she is one of the few people besides you
that writes. you'll have to meet her and her boyfriend. they are such
the old hippy types. i am waiting on word about the new*** thing
(is S going to open a new one, let us work at the old one, let me run
the place, etc.) i am so happy just to be able to touch bases with you!
like i said before, despite the fact that i live in hell now,
so many great things have happened to me! number one,
i got together with you! i finished my college degree, gots ma teeths fixed!LOL!
i recieved my combat infantry award, (something i have wanted since
i was a kid, i know it sounds silly). the *** rumor may be real, another
has surfaced that it could be earlier. if they cancel the germany leave
i may not be so sad (hint hint!) if i do go, i will e-mail you everyday
(unless i get too drunk!) by the way, when we first meet again,
we will drink some beers together! it will be hard for us to make real
plans until i know for sure when i am going home but some general
plans you can make though. (you know you are through with
your contract in***in*** but dont be afraid to make plans for us!)
i think of you all the time (too much!) let me know when you recieve
more snailmail. maybe i shouldnt tell you this but your bracelet comes
with charms...(they just havent arrived yet!) like you i am so ready
for the forever thing. i've waited my whole friggin life for this! thank
goodness (god, goats whatever) we met again after all these years!
i knew there had to be someone out there i was attracted to that would
be the one for me! now all we have to do is survive the next ***months
(unless you can leave before***LOL!) i better send this in case the
crazy net goes down (been dead for nights or the pc's simply wont work
right.) love you babe! i belong to you now and thats such a cool feeling!
love you babe...love...m

Thursday, August 14, 2003

hey babe! the pc's are all fouled up...
what did you say about forever? ahhhh,
i couldnt open your mail! sucks! i wanted
to hear what you said about 'forever'...
the internet is real unreliable now,
too many users, too few lines.
we may be home in ***! look for my
snailmail! let me know which ones you
recieve, miss talking to you. may be a gap in
communication because of this mess. use
my military account for now because i
couldnt get *** account to work right...
love you...m.

Monday, August 11, 2003

greetings my love!
find enclosed some charms for your bracelet, you may
have to have a jeweler attach them. there are some
strong rumors going around that we may be home as early as ***
so cross your fingers! they are granting us leave and r&r until ***
so things look good. that means we could be
heading home in the month of *** because ***
is the last month we can take leave. i'm planning on going
to germany for my leave (we have a week). i can afford it and i've
never been to germany (except for short trips while flying). i
promise you no whores (LOL)! just some bars, shopping and photographs!
*** and *** are our stops and i know some people there. i also speak
a little deutsche so i should be able to get by okay ( i can find
the bathroom, etc...)
i hope you are still serious about staying with me. i still cant believe
the cutest (prettiest) girl i had a crush on has re-enterd my life!
(this pen i'm using is running out of ink!) i carry your photos
now wherever i go and i am still thinking of things we can do
together when you visit LOL! you can better believe i will give you
the warmest welcome you have ever recieved! i feel like i belong to you
and we have yet to even start a real relationship (which i want so very much!)
(i've switched pens, maybe this one will work better!) remember too
sgt. leaves in *** so i hope the internet cafe is up and running.
all i can think about now is you (and going home!) they are already sending
people (civilians and soldiers) to replace our duties so
things are looking better and better all the time. i do so
look forward to your letters, they are not boring! i cant help but think that you
are the best thing to happen to me (and i cant believe my luck!).
as far as people at home are concerned i now have a girlfriend (maybe thats why
i am not getting any more e-mail LOL!) i hope you feel the same way i
do but i guess only time will tell. i just wish the snailmail wasnt so godamn
slow! i want to hold you in my arms now, not months from now!
i will behave myself in germany (*** is off limitsLOL) the whole company ***
so they are discouraging that. some of the guys are going to kuwait,
what a bore! i've always wanted to go to germany
so there is no option as far as i am concerned. i finally have my arnie pics and
sgt. will set them up on a friends pc so we can send them out. love you babe! you'll be the
first to recieve them, count on it. miss you bad babe, love your letters
(cant believe you stuck with me through all this)... got you on my mind all
the time! love you...love...m

Sunday, August 10, 2003

the answer is yes! to ***(i need you).
you should have got a ring and a necklace too. i have
a new connection. these guys are great. remember the connection
here is bad and i could lose it any minute.
sgt. puts his stuff on disk then sends it when the net is up
so no problem. i think that's why he didnt like me using all his time.
the net may be only up a few hours a day. i will write back
(want to make sure this sends) remember some nights
i wont be able to write even though i am trying.
love you...m

same night...
hey babe! i love you all the same you know that
by now. let me know if you recieved the necklace and ring.
i'll write more later i am afraid of losing this connection.
(you have gobs of snailmail on the way love) love...m

Saturday, August 09, 2003

snailmail (with a photo and
a gold bracelet!)
greetings my love!
i finally made it to the bazaar but the prices were
high just due the fact that there were a lot of
soldiers there. i dont wear jewelry (except i do have
a nice watch and marine corps ring i wear from
time to time) but i saw this gold item that i just had to
get for you. i hate the way the mail is so slow! when
we are together we will be talking seconds, not weeks!
anyway, i think of you more and more now, almost
every second of the day. its a mean thought but i have
always hoped you would tire of *** and return to the states
to spend time with me. i've never mentioned that before
because thats just the way i am. i'll be happy just to be able to
visit with you and your coming this winter has really made
my little world such a happy place. i have so much going for me
now and getting to visit with you makes it all the better!
like i said before, this winter (and possibly summer) will be real
'down time' for me. i've worked pretty hard the past few years
(truck driving, full-time school and now the military) so i feel like
i need a little 'time off'. i've saved some money so i am sure i can
pull it off. i have so many options now as far as earning a living
goes. with my degree now complete i'm sure i can land a job
but i still have running the coffee shop, driving a truck, or the military
if i need to. it's hard to believe how fast time is going by,
even in this hell hole. rumors surface every month about us going home
but i am sure we will be home by the holidays because our orders
expire then. your time to visit works out well because i will be
'part time' at whatever i am doing, have no girlfriend (except you!LOL)
and always visit florida in the winter. well, sign off now, just wanted
to mail my gift and say i love you...love...m

Friday, August 08, 2003

may 5th,2003
(this is a record setting delivery...three
months to the day!!! geez!)
(a card with flowers and hummingbirds)
hey babe!
heres a card just to let you know i'm thinking of you always!
it's too bad we cant be together, for events, whatever but
life seems to work that way.
the good news is that by the time this letter reaches you
i may be on the way home. it seems like years we have been here.
the weather suits me fine but i miss all the things i have
going for me at home. i also feel (for some reason) that i
can be closer to you by being at home. i never realized
how good i have it until active duty brought me here to
'semi war'. there is no danger now and the war is over
(people here are so nice) but the hardships continue.
we live in a palace but have yet to get mail, running
water, etc. at least i have you, my latte and the net!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

august 4,2003
hi,bye.(i'll write later) looking for new pc).
going to ***in september for r&r!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

july 22,2003
snailmail (the fastest one yet!)
greetings babe! another photo, excuse my prose, i'm a little on the
lite side this evening. finally got my head on right. anything to pass the
time here, that's for sure! thinking of you more and more
(wish i was at home thinking of you, somehow seems more real)!
the dumbfucks stateside have decided we need to spend another
three months here (the bastards, let them pull this duty!)
anyway, changes are in the wind, looks like we will have to go out and
look for the bad guys at some point in time, anything to get out from these
palace walls. people are content to sit here but not me, someone has to pay for
my misery and it might as well be some religious zealot. we do make it out
from time to time but no one shoots at us. i guess they target the 'pogues',
they must know that infantry will 'un-ass' thier vehicles and come after them.
i will have a head or two before this is over. i hate religion, i think it is the root
of all the problems in the world and the more of these people we can remove the
better place the world will be to live. sounds harsh, but that's how i feel, kill the bastards!
it sounds harsh i know but try being stuck in this hell hole for months at
a time and you may learn how i feel. only knowing that some day being back to
the states and being with you are the only things that keep me sane!
i am starting to learn my way around and thats great! the iraqis are
really nice people. i am going to get fat, they keep feeding me,
it's nonstop (it's hard to refuse food). things are getting a little better here
but nothing replaces home. you take things for granted, thats for sure.
when we first got here we slept in foxholes and on the floor, we ate from plastic bags
and had to stand 12 hour shifts listening to things 'go boom' in the night.
things are a little better, we are out of the foxholes.
at least we have windows in our billets and a regular chow hall. people are adjusting
but i just dont see how when the temp. reaches 116 in the shade. the pools
here are open but who has the time? i'm lucky if i can make up to HQ
to use the internet. sgt. is a nice enough guy but he's like i
used to be, glued to the keyboard 24-7. he must have a lot to write about
(i dont see how, he doesnt go anywhere?) anyway, there was a short
fire-fight in his billet area some time ago, i chased them away by yelling
at them, didnt have to fire a shot, they left when i threatened to shoot
them. a group of iraqis with guns (they left the area).
but like i said, when we begin to patrol i'm not going to be so nice, i need
some points before i go home. all is really pretty calm here (west of baghdad
near the airport) we dont get much gunfire. anyway, i long for the day when
we can get home, that's where i belong, (not fighting bushes oil war).
bush and rumsfeld suck the big one, they dont have a clue. i fear they are
now setting thier sites on iran. we need to elect a democrat in 2004 or
bush is going to lead us to ruin. i'm placing my money on hillary clinton,
hope she can pull it off (the other demos are too liberal for my tastes).
i hope you are still serious about coming to visit, its all i think about
anymore. if i could just make it back to the states i feel with you by my side
the sky is the limit. i hope you feel the same way. its too bad there are months left
here, but it does give me something to look forward to. well pretty one,
i draw this letter to a close, time to mellow, wipe the hate from my mind
and groove on the doors before *** love you babe...m

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